What to Consider When Buying Van Insurance?

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Written by: Lucy Robinson Motor Insurance Manager, Asda Money 08 Feb 2021

Whether you’re a tradesperson or just prefer the spacious storage space that comes with driving a van, you’ll need to get van insurance to ensure you’re covered against accident and incidents on the road. There are a few things to bear in mind when comparing van insurance policies so you get the right type of insurance to suit you and your van, so read on to get the lowdown on insurance for your van.

Is van insurance different to car insurance?

Yes – in the UK van insurance and car insurance are two different products. Cars can’t be covered by van insurance, and vans can’t be covered by car insurance.

While both have the standard three levels of cover – fully comprehensive, third party, fire and theft, and third party only – van insurance has an additional level of cover which tells insurers whether your van is privately used, for commercial use, or both.

There is a bit of ambiguity with some types of vehicle, so the easiest way to know whether your vehicle is considered a car, van or minibus is by checking your vehicle registration number with the DVLA or the V5C log book that came with the vehicle.

What does van insurance cover?

The level of cover your van will require depends on how you use your van on a day-to-day basis. This is on top of the cover you’ll have as part of a fully comprehensive, third party, fire and theft, or third party only policy, as these are primarily for covering road accidents and vehicular issues.

By answering a few questions around whether you use for van for social use only, carriage of own goods, for hire and reward, or for haulage, your van insurance policy will ensure you have the additional cover in place for these purposes. This can include things like cover for any equipment you carry in your van, other people’s belongings, or cargo if you’re being paid to transport goods.

Do vans cost more to insure?

Although it’s not always the case, you might find that van insurance quotes cost more than what you pay for your car insurance. The cost of van insurance can be pushed up by a number of factors, like if you’re a new or inexperienced driver, as this increases the risk associated with driving a van, as well as the postcode where the van will be parked for the majority of the time.

Why do vans cost more to insure than cars?

In addition to the normal factors which can make insuring a vehicle cost more, there are things which cause van insurance to be more expensive than car insurance.

The make and model of van you own will have an impact on your van insurance premiums, as vans with more powerful engines are considered higher risk and will therefore cost more to insure. Most vans will have bigger engines than cars, so this is an area where vans can have higher premiums.

Many types of van will usually be solid on the back and sides, reducing the overall visibility of the driver and can be considered higher risk of getting into an accident because of this.

Finally, while third party only cover can be the cheapest form of van insurance available, this likely won’t be suitable for the majority of van drivers. While the choice is up to the van owner, fully comprehensive with business cover included will potentially be what’s required for those driving their van for work, which will be on the higher end of van insurance prices.

How can I get cheaper van insurance?

Just like with car insurance, there are many ways you can potentially lower your van insurance premiums – build up your no-claims bonus, look at makes and models which fall into cheaper van insurance brackets, improve the security of the parking at your address, etc. You can find a full guide on saving money on your van insurance here.

The best way to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your van insurance is to compare van insurance quotes online to see what different insurance providers can offer you. By looking at insurance for your van which is tailored specifically to you, you’ll be able to find a policy which fits your needs and give you the cover you’ll need, no matter what you use your van for.

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