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Whatever you use your van for, be it personal or professional, finding the policy that works for your needs and more importantly, your budget, is essential to guarantee your legal status and financial peace-of-mind while you’re on the road.

Finding the right cheap van insurance policy for you is all about research. The best van insurance policies out there are often just a click away with Asda Money; you’ll have more access than ever before to cheap van insurance quotes that work for you and your vehicle.

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What are temporary and business van insurance policies?

There are two special kinds of van insurance you can get for your vehicle and for the intended usage of your vehicle - business van insurance and temporary van insurance.

Business van insurance is for professionals who need a van to transport tools or goods for their work. This includes people like contractors, electricians, construction workers, plumbers – anyone who needs their business van and the contents within protected by insurance. This also includes those who intend to use their vans for haulage purposes.

Temporary van insurance is for those who only want short-term cover for a limited amount of time. This is great for those who are selling their van, but still want to drive it while it is for sale for example, or for those needing a van for a specific one-off task.

Learn more about the different kinds of van insurance with our van insurance page.

Who does the cheapest van insurance?

Van insurance providers will offer different prices for different quotes based on a number of different factors, so there’s no set ‘cheapest van insurance’ policy out there.

Rather, you’ll want to find the van insurance quote that suits your van use and your vehicle. When you compare van insurance, UK providers will let you access the policy documents for each level of insurance they offer. Read these carefully and compare their cover and their price with our comparison tool to find the cheapest and best van insurance for you.

What is the cheapest level of van insurance?

The cheapest level of car insurance is third-party only. Third-party only policies only cover you for the price you would have to pay to compensate someone if you damaged their vehicle or injured them in an accident.

You’ll need third-party only cover at the very least to be allowed to drive on the road legally. Its reduced cover makes it the cheapest option, but you’ll need to check your policy documents to ensure it’s the right choice for you.

During your research, you’ll want to carefully compare van insurance quotes using our comparison tool to find cheap van insurance online.

Top Van Insurance FAQs:

What's included in a comprehensive policy?

Comprehensive van insurance is the most extensive van insurance policy, usually covering any accidental damage to the vehicle, damage to third party vehicles, third party personal injury, fire, and theft.

Actual coverage will vary depending on the policy you choose, so make sure to check what your policy includes before you buy it by reading the terms carefully or speaking to your chosen provider.

Can I have more than one person on a single policy?

Most brokers will allow you to choose a policy that covers multiple drivers for one vehicle, although this will usually raise the price of the insurance.

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