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  1. Cheapest Dog Breeds

    Learn about the cheapest dog breeds to buy, as well as the more affordable dog breeds to look after and insure. Get expert advice from Asda Money.

  2. Pet Insurance for Older Cats

    As cats get older, their health can become more of an issue. Getting the right level of cover on your pet insurance can give you peace of mind in case they get ill and need treatment.In this guide, we explain the type of pet insurance available for older cats, what it does and doesn’t cover as well as associated costs. We also share some of the common conditions affecting older cats.

  3. Cat Vaccination Costs

    Discover the vaccination costs for your cat or kitten in the UK. You’ll understand the types of vaccines, how often they’re needed and any side effects.

  4. How much does a dog or puppy cost?

    When you decide to get a puppy or dog, you need to factor in costs. Discover how much it costs to buy a dog and any annual fees you’ll need to pay.

  5. Why Do Cats Like Boxes?

    All cats have fun quirky habits – perhaps yours is that they love to stay in their personal box. Find out why in our blog post.

  6. How to choose a vet

    Choosing a vet is an incredibly important decision – but what should you look out for? Find out in this post.

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