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Written by: Nicola Taylor Content Coordinator, Asda Money 16 Jun 2021

We know overseas holidays may still be up in the air for many people, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t explore areas of the UK and plan some new adventures!

To help you get on the road again and make the most of any opportunity for an adventure, we’ve searched the nation for over 150 of the best attractions to cater for all trips, including different budgets, groups, ages and travel distances.

Just complete a few quick questions around your preferences, and our Adventure Planner will provide suggestions for your very own personalised trip, covering all 12 regions of the UK and a huge range of attractions, such as national parks, galleries and museums, beaches and seaside towns, famous television show tours, and lots more.

Whether you’re travelling alone or with the family, want to explore what’s on your doorstep or further away, have spare pennies or want to see what’s available for free, find out what’s on offer to help you plan your own UK staycation and have the perfect road trip.

Of course, for motor journeys of any distance, having a comprehensive motor insurance policy that gives you invaluable peace of mind while you’re on the road is essential – to find the motor insurance policy that best suits you, compare quotes from over 60 of the UK’s top car insurance providers.

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