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Get assistance from over 4,000 professionals ready to keep you moving. Most of us rely on our cars to get us from A to B every day, but sometimes we run into trouble and get stuck with a broken-down car.


93.52% of 1,450 customers were able to complete their journey. and with UK breakdown cover from only £78 a year our breakdown cover is here to make sure you can get on your way again with great service and value for money.


Roadside Breakdown Cover for Cars in the UK


The last thing anyone wants is to be stranded on the road in a broken-down vehicle with no way of getting back home – but that’s where Asda Money Car Breakdown Cover comes in.


Car roadside breakdown cover can be there to help you out if your vehicle ever breaks down whilst you are out and about on the road. We aim to get your vehicle fixed at the roadside or provide you with transportation so you aren’t left stranded.


If you ever break down on the road, Asda Money Breakdown Cover will send out a trained professional who will aim to fix your vehicle at the roadside. However, if the problem is more complicated, then your vehicle will be taken to either a nearby garage or a destination of your choice – provided it’s within 10 miles of where you broke down. If you have UK Breakdown cover then we’ll recover you to a destination of your choice within the UK, provide you with alternative transportation or overnight accommodation if required.


European Breakdown Cover for Cars


We also offer European car breakdown cover  that provides roadside assistance and recovery service whilst driving your car in Europe. This means you can be sure of getting roadside assistance wherever you are, whether you need one-off cover for a driving holiday in Europe or you regularly drive on the continent and need to extend your annual UK cover.


Our European breakdown cover policy includes an English-speaking helpline available 24 hours a day, as well as up to £800 towards the cost of a hire car, replacement driver service, and more..


Plus, if the problem persists and your car can’t be fixed and will need to be repaired back home in the UK, your European breakdown cover will cover the expense of transporting you, your car, and your passengers back home.


It’s important to note that European breakdown cover isn’t included in most standard car insurance policies and so if you need it, you will be able to get it as an add on or take out a separate policy.


Multi-car breakdown cover


Multi-car breakdown cover allows you to have 2 cars on a single breakdown cover policy. This can be useful if you need breakdown cover on a second car, or for families and households with 2 cars at the same address. It could work out cheaper than taking out multiple policies, as well as helping to make things simpler. Call 03306787144 to add a second car on.

Maximum vehicle age for new cover is 10 years old for Roadside Assist, there is no vehicle age limit for UK Breakdown cover or European Breakdown cover. Just be sure to read through your policy documents thoroughly and carefully so you know exactly what you’re getting and that it suits your needs.


Breakdown Cover for older cars


Breakdown cover for older cars or classic cars often comes as a separate policy to standard breakdown cover, usually because older and classic cars require a little extra care, plus they can be more expensive to insure. With older and classic models, the details are more important so you’ll want to find a policy that will take good care of your vehicle if it were to ever break down.


Some insurers may not provide breakdown cover for cars that are more than 15-20 years old, but others may cover it regardless of their age. Breakdown cover for cars over 15 years old may be harder to find, but there are some specialist policies out there that will provide this.



What is car breakdown cover?

Breakdown cover is there to help if your vehicle ever breaks down whilst you are driving anywhere in the UK. Breakdown cover policies offer roadside assistance to help fix your car where possible and get you back on to the road, or get your car to a garage for repairs.


Whether you get a tyre puncture or a flat battery, breakdown cover allows you to call for help at the roadside. If the issue is something that can’t be fixed on the spot, breakdown recovery can provide a towing service and take your car to a nearby garage whilst also providing you with a way back home or overnight accommodation.

How much is car breakdown cover?

The cost of car breakdown cover will depend on a number of factors. These include:


  • The level of cover you choose – the most basic level of roadside cover will often work out cheaper, whereas policies that include onwards travel or at-home cover will likely cost more.
  • Any extras that you add on to your breakdown policy will cost more, such as European cover or lost key replacement.
  • The number of vehicles that you add to a single breakdown cover policy will affect the cost of the cover.
  • The type of vehicle you have – the same way certain cars are cheaper or more expensive to insure, different vehicles require different levels of attention and repairs so this will factor into the cost of your breakdown cover.
  • The make, model and age of your vehicle will factor into the cost as some vehicles may take longer to repair or have more expensive parts etc.


Does car insurance cover breakdown?

Breakdown cover is often an optional extra  that is not typically included in standard car insurance policies. Breakdown cover is something you can buy separately, and some insurers may offer it as something you can add onto your car insurance policy.

Can I add another car to my breakdown cover?

Yes – Our breakdown cover allows you to have 2 cars on a single breakdown cover policy. This can be useful if you need breakdown cover on a second car, or for families and households with 2 cars at the same address. 

Do I need breakdown cover for a new car?

Breakdown cover is not a legal requirement in the way car insurance is, however, it’s definitely a good idea to consider getting breakdown cover so you aren’t stranded with your new car if it breaks down. Breakdown cover is there to help you out of those situations, repair your car or get it to a garage, and to get you home safely.

Does car insurance cover breakdown repairs?

No, a car insurance policy without specific breakdown cover included does not cover you for any breakdown repairs. Car insurance can cover you for things like injury or damage as a result of an accident (depending on the level of cover) but is not there to help you with repairs  if your vehicle  breaks down on the road.

Does travel insurance cover car breakdown?

Breakdown cover is an entirely separate service to travel insurance, so it’s highly unlikely any travel insurance policy will also cover car roadside assistance. You will normally have to take out an additional breakdown cover policy that covers your destination if you require this whilst travelling.

Are second drivers included on car breakdown cover?

If your breakdown cover policy covers the vehicle itself, then any person driving that vehicle will also be covered if it needs roadside assistance. However, if you have taken out personal breakdown cover, then only the specified person in the policy will be covered.

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