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Get cracks and chips sorted

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Making sure your windscreen is protected from accidental damage is important, considering a damaged windscreen is a common maintenance issue and can be enough to cause a MOT failure.

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What is windscreen cover?


Windscreen cover is typically included with comprehensive insurance policies and covers repairs to your windscreen, window glass, and sometimes even sunroof glass if it gets broken, cracked or chipped.

If your windscreen does get cracked or chipped then you’ll need to get it treated as soon as you can, otherwise it might spread and create a major repair job.

Having windscreen cover in place makes sure that you don’t get hit by unexpected costs if your windscreen does suddenly develop an issue.

What does windscreen cover include?


Windscreen cover typically lets you recover the cost of repairs to your windscreen, whether that’s from a crack or chip, or even a full windscreen replacement if the damage can’t be treated and repaired.

Most providers will also provide you with an emergency repair number which you can call in order to get your windscreen tended to as soon as possible. 

Will my cracked windscreen be replaced or repaired?


The type of work carried out on your windscreen or window glass will depend on how badly damaged it is and where it is.

Windscreen replacement companies divide the windscreen up into different zones, from Zone A which is the area directly in front of the driver, to Zone D which is the outer edge of the glass.

Only small cracks and chips can be tended to in Zone A, roughly up to a maximum of 10mm, whereas in Zone D the damage can measure around 45mm and be safely repaired. If the damage is bigger than the safe limit for that specific zone, then your windscreen will likely need replacing.

Is windscreen cover included within car insurance?


Not all car insurance policies include windscreen cover as standard, so you’ll need to check your specific policy to check what’s covered. Some do include it within comprehensive cover as standard, but others have it as an optional extra or don’t insure your windscreen at all.

You can check to see whether windscreen cover is included when you compare insurance policies so you can be sure that your policy includes the things which are important to you.

Can I drive with a cracked windscreen?


Driving with a cracked windscreen can be a major problem for two reasons – it can be dangerous, especially if the crack is in your eyeline, and the damage can turn into something more serious when driving.

If you end up having an accident with a damaged windscreen, you could be held responsible for the incident and end up being charged with a more serious offence. This can also invalidate other forms of cover you may have, such as personal accident cover, as the responsibility for the accident rests with you.

How can I avoid damaging my windscreen?


While some damage to your windscreen can’t be avoided, there are things you can keep in mind to help potentially protect your windscreen.

Check your windscreen regularly for any small cracks or chips which could develop into bigger issues and give your wiper blades a look over to remove any debris which has built up.

Think about your distance from cars in front of you, especially if there’s warning signs about loose chippings on the road, as debris can be thrown up from the road and chip your windscreen.

Keep an eye out for bumps in the road such as pothole and even speed bumps, as these can bring on cracks or make existing small cracks even worse.

Be aware of rapid temperature change as this can potentially cause cracks to form, such as when de-icing your windscreen with water that’s too hot.

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