Comparing Van Insurance

Whether it’s for business or for you and your family, finding the right van insurance for you needs careful research to ensure you’re getting cover for what you need to be covered for.

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There are a number of different kinds of van insurance available to you, so it’s worth sitting down and working out what you need – once you’ve established this, you’ll want to use a van insurance comparison tool to narrow down your options until you find the perfect policy for your situation.

We’ve come up with some key questions that you might need answers for in your search for van insurance.

What is the best van insurance for me?

This is a difficult question to answer because the best van insurance for one person might not be the same for the next. This is why comparison tools for comparing van insurance are so important – entering your details and being presented with different van insurance cover options from different providers means you can check to see what cover, whether it’s Third Party Only, Third Party, Theft and Fire or Fully Comprehensive, works for you.

You’ll want to consider whether you intend to use your van for work or for yourself, and you’ll want to think about what kind of work you’ll be carrying out with the van. You’ll need to think about how long you’ll want your car insurance for and how much you’ll be able or willing to pay. You can learn more about the different kind of van insurance policies there are with our guide.

All of these factors are things that should be covered whenever you’re considering taking out a new van insurance policy.

Do I need private or business van insurance?

Whether you need private, or business van insurance is all down to what you intend to use your van for.

If you intend to use your vehicle for work or to make money as part of a commercial businesses, you’ll be needing business van insurance. This includes using your van to transport tools or equipment to a worksite, commuting to a job and travel between worksites. Commercial van insurance is then split into two further subcategories – haulage, which is when you deliver products or goods to customers, and carriage of own goods, which is when you use the van to transport your own tools.

If you intend to use your vehicle for personal uses, such as going on holiday, moving house or anything where you won’t make money driving your van, you’ll need private van insurance.

Does the model and age of my van affect my insurance?

The short answer is yes, the model and age of your van will affect your insurance. Just like with car insurance, providers will look at the value of your van to establish how much you’ll need to pay for your van insurance.

Insurers normally consider things such as the safety and security elements of your van, how much it’ll cost to repair if something goes wrong, how much new parts will cost and how much your van cost new. This, and more, will all be taken into account when providers give you a price for your insurance premiums.

How can I make my van insurance cheaper?

Comparing van insurance is all about getting the best price for you and your van while also getting the cover that suits your purposes.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can bring the price of your van insurance down when you find a new provider. These methods have the added bonus of helping to better ensure your safety on the road and the protection of your van against theft. They include:

  • Driving an older van that’s less attractive to thieves
  • Adding security measures to your van, such as added alarms and trackers
  • Buying a dashcam so that you can provide footage to support any claims
  • Trying to protect your no-claims bonus on your current policy
  • Going with a black-box policy so that insurers have proof of your good driving

Comparing all of the van insurance policies available can be a dauting task for many, with so much to choose from. With our comparison tool, we take all of the hassle out of securing the right insurance for your van, giving you quick and easy access to some of the leading UK van insurance providers and the best quotes they have on offer.

Get started with your van insurance research with our comparison service here.

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