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Looking for cheap bike insurance quotes?

Finding the right level of insurance for your bike at a price you’re happy with is simple and straightforward with Asda.

With our comparison service, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been riding for a matter of weeks or decades, you’ll be able to find quotes from some of the UK’s leading insurance providers.

Just answer one set of questions and we’ll do all of the shopping around, leaving you to pick the policy and price that’s best for you.

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How do I get motorbike insurance quotes?

It’s quick and easy to compare motorbike insurance prices online with Asda and you can get insured in a matter of minutes.

All you need to do is fill out a simple online form, answering questions about you, your motorbike, and your driving history.

Our set of questions is straightforward but you will need a few details to hand in order to complete it:

  • Your personal details – Simple personal information including your date of birth, address, and employment information
  • Your vehicle details – Specific details about your motorcycle including the manufacturer and model, the engine CC, and the registration number
  • Details about your driving history – Any relevant driving history details such as when you obtained your motorcycle licence, if you have an existing no claims bonus, and information about any previous driving convictions

Once you click compare, you’ll see lots of different quotes for all three levels of cover from different insurers – then it’s up to you to pick the quote and policy that suits you best.

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All levels of motorbike insurance cover

There are three basic levels of motorbike insurance cover available in the UK:

Comprehensive bike insurance

Comprehensive insurance provides the most complete level of cover for you and your motorbike. It covers damage to your vehicle caused by accident, vehicle theft, or fire damage, and personal injury to third parties, or damage you cause to third party property.

Despite providing the most extensive cover, comprehensive insurance is not always the most expensive option.

Third Party, Fire and Theft bike insurance

A Third Party, Fire and Theft policy covers everything that a Third Party Only policy does (third party injuries and damage to third party property), as well as cover for your motorcycle if it gets damaged by fire or stolen.

Generally, it’s cheaper than Comprehensive insurance and more expensive than Third Party Only insurance, but that’s not always true.

Third Party Only bike insurance

Third Party Only cover is the most basic form of motorbike insurance available. It only covers injury to third parties and damage to third party vehicles and property, so you and your bike won’t be covered.

Because it’s the most basic form of cover, it’s often the cheapest too. That’s not always the case, though, so it’s still worth checking out all forms of cover.

Remember that what’s included in each level of cover can vary from insurer to insurer, so always check the full details before making a decision.

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The motorbike insurers we work with

Our insurance comparison service brings you quotes from a wide selection of the UK’s leading motorbike insurance providers. That means that comparing motorbike insurance with Asda could show you quotes from up to 40 individual insurers.

Our comparison service frees you up from having to get individual quotes from each insurer. Just fill out one set of questions and you’ll see matching quotes from some of the biggest names in motorbike insurance.

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Social or business motorbike insurance

When you compare quotes with Asda, you’ll also have to let us know what you use your bike for. There are three different options for vehicle usage in our question set, and how you use your motorbike could change your premium.


A Social Only - also known as Social, Domestic, and Pleasure or SDP insurance - policy will cover you for regular day-to-day riding. This might include leisure journeys, shopping, and visiting family and friends, but it won’t include commuting or any commercial use.

If your bike is purely for pleasure journeys or getting around outside of work, this is likely the policy for you.

Social Including Commuting

Social use including Commuting covers commuting journeys you make to and from a single place of work, as well as all of the social riding included in a Social Only policy.

This usage type is designed for riders who regularly ride their motorbike to work but don’t use it for any other work-related journeys.

Class 1 Business Use

Class 1 Business Use policies cover riders who use their bike for work, whether travelling to meetings, training courses, or different sites, as well as commuting and social use.

If your motorbike is your method of transportation when you’re travelling for work, a Class 1 Business Use policy will possibly be the right choice for you.

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Insure different types of motorbike

We understand that not everyone rides a regular street bike, so no matter whether you’re looking to insure a café racer or a scooter, a sports bike or a cruiser, you can compare cheap quotes with Asda.

Classic motorbike insurance

Got a classic motorbike that’s your pride and joy? We can gather quotes for classic motorbike insurance so you can get peace of mind before you ride. Whether you want to insure a classic Harley Davidson or a vintage Royal Enfield, you can find a quote for your classic motorbike with Asda.

Scooter and moped insurance

Small engines need insuring too. You can compare quotes for scooters and mopeds with Asda, so you’re covered when you’re getting from A to B.

Off road motorbike insurance

Off-road bikes need to be insured if you plan to drive them on the road. With Asda, you can compare quotes for off-road motorbike insurance, so you’re covered for any incidents on your way to and from the track.

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Optional motorbike insurance extras

Alongside the regular coverage that your chosen policy entails, you can often choose from a range of optional additional covers, or extensions to your core policy cover.

Some of the most popular motorbike insurance extras include:

Pillion cover

Carrying a passenger on a motorbike brings with it insurance implications for the rider. If you only have a provisional licence, you can’t carry pillion passengers under any circumstances and, even if you’re fully qualified, you might need to choose an additional pillion cover extra on top of your policy to take passengers out on your bike with you.

Breakdown cover

Coverage for breakdowns often isn’t included in standard motorbike insurance but you can choose to add it on to a lot of policies. What breakdown cover actually offers varies massively from insurer to insurer; coverage can range from roadside recovery to European breakdown insurance.

Leathers and helmet insurance

It’s not expected that standard motorbike insurance will cover damage to leathers, helmets, and other riding apparel, but you can sometimes choose to add coverage for these items. Different levels of cover are available, including insurance for damage sustained in an incident or loss incurred by or following theft.

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