Understanding Cat & Kitten Insurance

Even though cats are supposed to have nine lives, it’s still a good idea to buy cat insurance so you have peace of mind that you can afford specialist care for your cat if it ever needs it.

You can often choose to pay for your cat insurance in one go or monthly, and the cover that you buy helps to pay vet bills. The type of vet bills it will pay for depends on the type of cover you buy but routine veterinary visits or vaccinations aren’t usually covered.

If you want insurance for your cat, we have three types of cover for you to choose from:

We don’t offer specific cat or kitten insurance policies. They are the same as our dog insurance policies, but dog insurance also offers cover in case a dog hurts someone.

There a few things to consider before choosing the cat insurance cover that's right for you. This includes the age of your cat; your cat must be eight weeks old at the start of the insurance policy. This also includes price, for example Lifetime cat insurance is more expensive than Accident Only cat insurance because it covers more things. And remember, your pet insurance premium will increase as your pet gets older.

If your cat goes to the vet and you need to use your insurance cover, check your policy document first to see if you are covered and give your insurer a call. Sometimes insurers can pay the vet directly so you won’t be out of pocket.

We hope we’ve made cat insurance a bit easier to understand but please remember to read the policy wording policy before buying because it’ll explain in more detail what is and isn’t covered.

Buying cat insurance helps you feel reassured that you can look after your cat if they have an accident or maybe get ill.

Do you want to insure your cat? Here at Asda Money we offer a range of pet insurance cover types for cats.

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