What is a Lifetime pet insurance policy?

A Lifetime pet insurance policy will give you cover for the whole life of your pet as long as your policy remains in force and your payments are kept up to date.

This means that whenever they suffer from a new illness or a new injury, your Lifetime pet insurance policy with help you pay the vet bills up to the cover limit of the policy you’ve chosen. Our Lifetime pet insurance policy limits are £2,000, £4,000 or £10,000. Other types of pet insurance policies tend to only cover your pet for accidents not illnesses, or for only 12 months.

Compared to other types of pet insurance policies, Lifetime pet insurance is normally the most comprehensive and therefore costs more, which means it covers more things and can offer the highest limit of cover. For example, with Asda Lifetime pet cover, you can choose up to £10,000 cover for veterinary fees. This can also mean it’s the most expensive to buy. And remember, your pet insurance premium will increase as your pet gets older.

Lifetime pet insurance can be bought for most cats or dogs as long as they are more than 8 weeks old when the policy cover starts. If you have a dog that you want to buy Lifetime pet insurance for, please check it’s a breed that can be covered. For example, we don’t cover certain breeds and crossbreeds, including breeds from the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

If you decide to take out an Asda Lifetime pet insurance policy, you’ll need to consider that co-payment is a mandatory feature of the policy once your pet is five years old. Co-payment is the amount you pay towards vet fees each time you make a claim for a condition. For all pets aged five years and over, the mandatory co-payment amount is 10%. This is in addition to the standard excess for each policy.

Limitations and exclusions apply. Please read the policy documents before purchasing so you are sure that it offers you the cover you need.

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