Kit and Replica Car Insurance

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Keep your kit protected


Kit and replica cars are the ultimate for car lovers who want to get stuck in and build their own vehicle, but how much does it cost to insure them? Here’s everything you need to know about kit car insurance in the UK.



Is it expensive to insure a kit car?


A kit car is a vehicle that comes as a set of manufactured parts that the buyer then assembles into a working car. Assuming you’ve got the technical skills to actually make it work and meet the road vehicles regulations, you can register it to drive on the roads like any other car.


Of course, this also means that you need to insure it. But is kit car insurance cheap or more expensive than standard insurance? The answer is that it very much depends on the kit car, because there is a huge amount of variation in their value and complexity.


Standard cars fit into one of 50 car insurance groups that determine how much you need to pay to insure them, but kit cars generally don’t fit into any of them. So, depending on the value of the kit car as well as factors like how you use it, it can be more expensive to insure it, but this isn’t always the case.



Do body kits affect insurance?


Kit cars aren’t the only way that car lovers can get to grips with customising their vehicles, with lots of modifications available for all types of cars. Body kits are sets of modified body parts for cars that help to change their appearances but can also impact their performance.


Even body kits that don’t improve the speed or handling of a car can affect insurance because modified cars can be of higher value than non-modified cars. This can make them more attractive to thieves, which means that insurance premiums will be higher.



Do I need insurance on a project car?


While you’re working on a new project car that isn’t ready to go on the roads yet, does it need to be insured? The rules for kit cars in the UK are that you don’t need insurance if it’s still a work in progress.


Kit car insurance is only needed when you’re going to drive it, but if the car is valuable you may decide to opt for build-up insurance to cover against fire, theft and damage while you are working on it.



Can I insure a car I built?


You can insure a kit car that you’ve built and if you intend to drive it, you need to get insurance. After you have finished your build, it needs to pass the Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) test from the DVLA to make sure it’s roadworthy. After this you will need to register it for a number plate and pay your insurance and tax.


You can get kit car insurance from specialist insurers like Lancaster Insurance, RH and Heritage, all of which offer various options to suit the individual needs of your kit.

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