Levels of Car Insurance

From third party to comprehensive

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When insuring your car, there’s one big choice that you’ll have to make when comparing quotes – the level of car insurance you want. We’re here to make understanding those levels a little bit easier so you can get an idea of what type of car insurance might fit your circumstances best.

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What are the different types of car insurance?


As well as picking an insurance policy, you will need to make a choice around the level of cover for your car. This will establish what you can and cannot claim for in the event of an incident, and what works best for your driving habits.

Third party

The minimum level of insurance a driver in the UK needs to have is third party car insurance.  This is a legal requirement in order to drive within the UK, and covers damage or injuries caused to other parties in the event that you get into an accident. However, this level of insurance does not cover you for any personal injury costs or vehicle repairs, meaning you will have to pay for these entirely yourself.


Third party, fire, and theft

One level up from this is third party, fire and theft insurance which packages third party insurance with additional cover against accidental damage from fire or arson, and losses sustained through theft. While you still don’t get any financial assistance towards repairing your own car after an accident, it can help give you extra coverage and reassurance above just third party insurance.



Finally, the highest level of cover you can get is comprehensive car insurance, which includes everything from third party, fire and theft insurance as well as cover towards repairs for your car after an accident. Fully comprehensive policies vary in detail from insurer to insurer, so it’s always good to check exactly what’s included and what you’re entitled to.

What types of optional extras are there for car insurance?


Any optional extras and the benefits they provide will be different depending on the policy you choose. Fully comprehensive insurance deals from different insurers may include a variety of optional extras that can provide useful features or services.

It’s important to know what optional extras for car insurance are available so you can decide if there are any that would be beneficial to you. 


These can include:


Even if your policy doesn’t include these optional extras as part of your policy, you can sometimes add them in for an extra fee to help tailor your insurance policy to your needs.


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