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From road trips to city breaks, driving abroad can be a great way to see the sights and get from place to place. However, you’ll need to make sure you’re covered for driving overseas in your chosen destination before heading off into the sunset, so here’s some helpful information on getting car insurance for driving abroad.

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Do I need car insurance when driving abroad?


If you plan on driving your own car around Europe then you’ll need to make sure your existing policy has European car insurance included. You’ll also need to check if the specific country or countries you’re visiting are covered, or if any extra documentation is needed. If driving abroad is not a standard part of your policy, then you’ll need to ask your provider about adding European car insurance before you can head across the Channel.

What do I need to do before driving my car abroad?


Before any trip, you should let your provider know if you’re planning on driving your car abroad, and check the level of cover that your policy gives you.

The standard level of cover providers usually give when travelling to Europe is basic third party, so you should check to see whether your policy has comprehensive cover or whether you can upgrade if you think it’s necessary for your type of holiday or driving trip as this can give you access to extra coverage abroad like access to a courtesy car if yours breaks down.

The other key thing to check with your provider is the length of time you’re covered for driving abroad, as some policies put a limit on how long you’ll be insured overseas. This could be a maximum amount of days you can drive abroad in one go, or a yearly overall limit you can draw from.

If you’re planning on driving further afield than Europe then you will need to check if your destination is covered with your provider.

Do I need a Green Card for driving abroad?


A Green Card is designed to make it easier when driving between European countries by having one document that’s recognised by all countries. It acts as an international certificate of insurance and, depending on the country you’re going to, you may need a Green Card to prove that your insurance gives you the minimum level of coverage abroad.

While most countries won’t ask you for a green card as your motor insurance certificate is enough, some countries do still require one including Belarus, Morocco, Russia and Turkey.

An additional benefit of having one is it can make things easier when claiming, exchanging details in the event of an incident and providing police with your information. It can guarantee that if you are in an accident, you’ll be compensated in the country where the accident took place.

Do I need European breakdown cover?


Separate to your insurance for driving in Europe, breakdown cover in Europe can be equally important due to the costs involved in repairs and repatriating your vehicle, especially on long journeys.

This is another thing that is worth checking with your insurance policy provider to see whether it’s already included in your coverage, and if it isn’t you can check how much it would be to add it to your policy.

What will I need to take with me when driving abroad?


It’s essential that you take all the necessary documents with you when taking your own car abroad, so tick off each item you’ll need with the list below:

  • Full driving licence
  • Car registration documents (V5)
  • Any insurance documentation, incl. Green Card if needed
  • Breakdown policy documents
  • Travel insurance documents
  • European Health Insurance Card

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What's the best car insurance for you?

Finding the right car insurance for you and your wheels can be complicated because there’s so much choice out there. With Asda we do the shopping for you and help you compare quotes from some of the UK’s leading providers so you don’t have to.

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Getting cheap car insurance quotes with Asda has never been simpler and you can get covered in minutes.

All you need to do is complete a number of simple questions about you, the car you’re looking to insure and your driving history.

You’ll be asked very basic questions like your name, address and date of birth, as well as questions about how long you’ve been driving and the number of no claims bonus (NCB) you have.

From there you’ll need to complete some questions about the car insurance cover you want and then we do the hard work. Plus, some providers will offer multi-car discounts if you insure multiple cars under the same policy.

What happens when you compare car insurance with Asda?

When you compare car insurance, your details are run through the various car insurance providers on the panel.

Over 60 of the UK’s leading providers, including the likes of AXA, Hastings and Swinton, will return the cheapest quotes they have to offer.

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At that point it’s up to you to select the quote and cover you want! It's also worth taking a look at any optional extras you might want to include with your policy, like a courtesy car if yours runs into trouble or legal cover in case you do happen to get into an accident.

What are your levels of car insurance cover?

When you compare quotes you’ll automatically see all three levels of cover when your quotes display but car insurance is a little more complicated than just Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire and Theft or Third Party Only. You'll also want to consider what other car insurance benefits you want, like cover for driving abroad, and what optional extras you might want for your policy for complete peace of mind when driving.

If you want a telematics (black box) policy, one that covers you for work or social only, or you're ahead of the curve and have an electric car, you can still compare quotes and get covered with Asda.