5 Top Tips for Bring Your Dog to Work Day

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13 Jun 2018

As much as many of us would like to, we’re not all lucky enough to be able to take our four-legged friends to work with us every day. National Bring Your Dog to Work Day in June each year encourages dog owners across the UK to take their pooches with them to work, to help raise money for charities such as All Dogs Matter.

Research has suggested that bringing pets to work can help to reduce stress levels for employees, as well as making the job more enjoyable too! So, here at Asda Money, we’ve put together 5 of our top tips to help your pooch settle in on their first day at the office – but remember to ask your boss beforehand!


Prepare Beforehand

If your dog has never been to work with you before, then it can be naturally quite unusual for them - it's very different to working from your home office or bedroom. When they arrive, they might be lucky enough to get smothered with affection, which might be a bit much for them at first. A good way to help them prepare for a day at work is to introduce them to the room beforehand. If you get the chance, try to let them have a run around the room after work one day when it’s quiet, so they can get used to the environment without the crowds. Make the visit short and relaxed, so your pooch has a positive association with the building.

You also need to try to tame any current naughty behaviours before they spend a day at work with you. Not all dogs are professional pooches, so if your furry friend has a tendency to bark, jump up, or pull on a lead, you should try to control these behaviours in advance, to avoid people in the office getting distracted or frustrated. Ideally, you want to make sure that your dog would be welcome to come back in the future, so first impressions mean a lot.


Make them Feel at Home

To make your dog feel as relaxed as possible when at work, you should surround them with their home comforts. Unless you have a working dog, many of our four-legged friends spend their days in the house with all of their favourite toys, so a day without their familiar surroundings could make them feel anxious or stressed.

To help make them feel more at ease, it’s a great idea to make them their own little, private space underneath your desk. Set them up with their bed, blankets and some of their favourite play items, and this should make them feel a lot more comfortable straight away. By setting them up with their own space under your desk, it gives your furry friend a chance to escape from people if they’re feeling overwhelmed, as well as offering a quiet area if they fancy a nap after a hard day’s work.

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Take Regular Breaks

If you have a small puppy and you want to bring them to work with you, it’s likely that they’ll get over excited, which could result in them leaving a little mess on the carpet. Although your colleagues might want to meet your cute, tiny puppy, it’s best not to bring them to the office until they’re fully toilet-trained.

Whatever the age of your four-legged friend, if you’re bringing them to work for the day you should make sure that they get to go outside regularly. As well as taking them outside for toilet breaks, workspaces can get a little stuffy, so simply taking them out just to get some fresh air is a must too. Just like humans, dogs need a breather every now and again, and it’s good for both humans and dogs to get out and stretch their legs every so often.


Stock Up on Water and Treats

If your dog is coming to the office for a 9-5 day, then they’re going to need plenty of water to stay hydrated. Be sure to take a water bowl with you, as employees probably won’t appreciate your pooch using one of their lunch bowls! With all the excitement, your furry friend is probably going to be really thirsty, so make sure you keep an eye on their water bowl and top it up once it’s empty.

Also, it’s likely that many of your colleagues will ‘ooh and aah’ over your four-legged friend, and they might want to feed them some of their office snacks. However, there are many foods that are dangerous for dogs, such as chocolate, grapes and sultanas, so be sure to keep an eye on your pooch if they’re wandering around the office. It’s always good to keep some tasty dog treats on-hand, just in case your pooch gets peckish. These treats are also a great way to reward your dog if they’re being good at work.

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Remember, Not Everybody Loves Dogs

One of the main things to consider when taking your dog to work for the day, is that not everybody loves dogs. Unfortunately, some people might not be too happy about your pooch roaming around the room, so try to keep them with you at all times. If people in the office like dogs, they will make themselves known, and will come to see you and your furry friend.

Another thing to bear in mind is that some people may have allergies. Before the big day, it’s a good idea to double-check with the people around you for anybody with allergies. If somebody suffers severely from animal allergies, then it’s best to avoid bringing in your furry friend completely.

Whether you’re taking your dog to work with you or not, it’s vital that your pet has pet insurance. Here at Asda Money we have a range of pet insurance cover types available. Find out more about Asda Money Pet Insurance here

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