Cheap travel insurance for over 60s

Over 60 and going on holiday? Find the right cover for you with Asda Money.

If you’re over 60, it’s important to get travel insurance that fully covers you for your holiday plans.

Some providers offer specialist travel insurance for over 60s - but you don’t always need this. At Asda Travel Insurance, our policies have no upper age limit, so you can find the right cover, no matter what your age.

15 Apr 2024

Do I need over 60s travel insurance?


You can buy travel insurance specifically designed for over 60s, but it isn’t always necessary. At Asda Travel Insurance, our policies have no upper age limit. We’ll consider any pre-existing medical conditions you might have and help you find the right cover for your trip.

When you’re an older traveller, it’s even more important to have travel insurance to cover any potential medical expenses when you’re abroad. Plus, if you’re heading to the USA[1] or the Caribbean[2] where private healthcare can be expensive, you’ll need to make sure your travel insurance policy has the right level of cover.


Is travel insurance more expensive for over 60s?


Travel insurance does tend to be more expensive once you hit 60. This is because insurers may view you as more likely to get ill or injured whilst on holiday. You may already have pre-existing medical conditions that you’ll need to be covered, which can affect the cost of your premiums.

Some providers have a maximum age limit of 65, too. This isn’t the case with Asda Money.


How much does travel insurance for over 60s cost?


The average cost of a policy for a week-long trip within Europe for over 60s is £12.40. Price stated is for over 60-year-old with no pre-existing medical conditions on an Asda Premium cover, 1 week single trip policy to Italy and France. Price is correct as at 15/04/2024.

In reality, there’s no one flat cost for travel insurance for over 60s, as it all depends on the individual. If, for example, you have pre-existing medical conditions, the cost will be higher than if you don’t. It also depends on the condition you have as well. Other factors like how long you’re away for, whether it’s a single trip or annual trip, and where you’re travelling to will all affect the cost.


What affects the cost?


The age of the traveller is a factor that affects the cost of insurance. Often, the older you are the more your insurance will cost – this is because insurers view holidaymakers over 60 as more at risk of illness or injury when travelling.

Pre-existing medical conditions, your destination, the length of your trip and the activities you plan to do while you’re away impact the cost as well.


What does travel insurance for over 60s cover?


While not a specialist policy type, a typical insurance policy for someone over 60 should include:

If something happens to you on holiday and you end up paying money or losing out because of it, you can usually claim on your travel insurance. Your travel insurance should cover:

  • Flight cancellations: if you have to rebook a ticket because of a cancellation that wasn’t your fault.
  • Medical care: if you get injured or fall ill in a foreign country and have to pay for medical care.
  • Damaged luggage: covering you for the cost to replace the luggage.
  • Repatriation: if you’re so ill that you have to fly home, your travel insurance should cover the cost of your flight.
  • Missing or lost travel documents: you’ll be covered for the cost to replace the documents. Some travel insurance even covers the cost of your accommodation whilst you wait for the documents.


What’s excluded?


Travel insurance doesn’t usually cover:

  • Undeclared medical conditions: not telling your insurer about a pre-existing medical condition can invalidate your travel insurance.
  • Certain sports and activities: water sports, extreme sports and even golf may not be covered by standard policies.
  • Belongings left unattended: if you leave your belongings and they’re stolen, you won’t be able to claim as it will be viewed as your fault.
  • Reckless behaviour: this includes leaving belongings unattended as well as causing damage due to reckless driving or when drunk.
  • Changing your trip: simply changing your plans and deciding not to go away won’t be covered by your insurance.

H2: Am I covered for pre-existing medical conditions?

You will be if you declare your medical condition when you take out the insurance. If you don’t tell your insurer about your condition and you then claim for related medical expenses, it will invalidate your policy. You’ll likely then be left with a hefty bill.

Specific conditions may increase the cost of your insurance, but it’s always important to disclose them. When you do, your insurer will make sure you’re properly covered for your medical conditions when you’re away.


Types of cover for over 60s


You don’t need to buy a specialised travel insurance for over 60s. At Asda Money, you can find cover no matter what your age. Choose from single trip or annual trip cover depending on your plans. For one trip a year, single trip will likely be your cheapest option. But if you’re away more than once, it could be more cost-effective to go for annual cover.

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