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CZK banknotes and coins

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Which countries use the Czech Koruna?

You can only spend Koruna in the Czech Republic. It’s been the national currency since 1993[1]. You might see it referred to as the Czech Crown or Koruna česká, named after the St. Wenceslas crown, a royal icon dating back to the 14th century that adorns every 1 CZK coin.

Koruna is the official currency[2] in Prague and other major international destinations within Czech borders.


Can I use Euros in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is yet adopt the Euro, despite joining the European Union[3] in 2004. Euros aren’t accepted as official currency.

You may be able to still spend Euros during your stay. Some stores[4], cafes, bars and restaurants will accept them, although the prices will be relatively higher than goods and services in Koruna.


Koruna coins and banknotes


A single Koruna (kč) coin comprises 100 Haléřů, which were taken out of circulation[5] in 2008. 1 kč is still a very small amount of money. Coins include:

  • 1 kč
  • 2 kč
  • 5 kč
  • 10 kč
  • 20 kč
  • 50 kč


Czech banknotes are larger than you may be used to, with 1,000 kč worth about £35:

  • 100 kč
  • 200 kč
  • 500 kč
  • 1,000 kč
  • 2,000 kč
  • 5,000 kč

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How much do things cost in the Czech Republic?^


Overall, the Czech Republic is one of the most affordable destinations[6] in Central Europe. Neighbouring countries such as Austria, Poland, Germany and Hungary all have higher average living and tourist costs.

Here are some quick price breakdowns for common expenses and essentials:

Common Czech Koruna questions 


How much is 1 Pound to Czech Koruna ? 

GBP to CZK rates vary with economic and political scenarios. A good Pound to Koruna rate will fall between £1 for kč26-28*. 

*Rates taken from Asda foreign exchange calculator. At time of publishing - October 2023.


Is it cheap to eat out in Prague? 

Although it’s the Czech capital, Prague remains more affordable than many cities in the UK, where you should expect to pay less* for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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