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Indonesian Rupiah

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Should I buy Indonesian Rupiah now or wait?

Buy Indonesian Rupiah ahead of time and avoid any fees, low rates or access issues when your trip begins. Now you can forget the ATM rush when you land and focus on the experiences you’ve been waiting for, whether it’s exploring the beaches of Bali or visiting the temples of Java. There’s enough on your plate already, from booking hotels and hiring a car to fitting everything in your suitcase.


Which countries use the Indonesian Rupiah?

The Indonesian Rupiah is the official currency of Indonesia.  The Rupiah is valid currency in any of the 17,000+ islands of Indonesia, including Bali, Borneo, Sulawesi, Pulau Sombori and other popular destinations.

IDR may also be accepted[1] in Timor-Leste, the eastern half of Timor annexed from the Portuguese in the 1970s. However, don't rely on this.


Rupiah coins and banknotes


After severe depreciation in the middle of the 20th century, the Bank of Indonesia issued a new Rupiah[2] with much smaller denominations in 1965. It has kept the same system ever since. Coins are subdivided as:

  • 50 rp
  • 100 rp
  • 200 rp
  • 500 rp
  • 1,000 rp


Indonesian banknotes span several colours from a yellowish grey to vivid red. They start at 1,000 rp and run up to 100,000. 1 Pound in Indonesian Rupiah can count for many notes (about 17,000 to 20,000 rp) - so get familiar with these denominations:

  • 1,000 rp
  • 2,000 rp
  • 5,000 rp
  • 10,000 rp
  • 20,000 rp
  • 50,000 rp
  • 75,000 rp
  • 100,000 rp

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How much do things cost in Indonesia?^


Indonesia is one of the cheapest countries in Southeast Asia. You’ll be able to travel, dine, rest and socialise without too many strings attached to your wallet. For a quick comparison, here’s an idea of what you’ll get when converting Pounds to Indonesian Rupiah.

Common Rupiah questions 


How much is 1 Pound to Indonesian Rupiah? 

Pound exchange rates for this currency usually fall between 17,000 and 20,000*.

*Rates taken from Asda foreign exchange calculator. At time of publishing - October 2023.


What is Indonesian Rupiah?

It’s the currency of Indonesia, the largest island nation in the world. Originally, it was derived from Sanskrit. You might hear Rupiah referred to as ‘perak’ (‘silver’) in regular conversation on your travels.


How expensive is Bali? 

As a premier Indonesian destination, Bali is more expensive[3] than other islands. Expect to pay extra for taxis, accommodation and retail goods, sometimes up to a third or double the price.

Basic items such as food and drink tend to match the rest of the country. And you’ll probably still pay less than you would in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital.

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[1] Sourced: October 2023.

[2]Sourced: October 2023.

[3]Sourced: October 2023.

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