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Should I buy Japanese Yen now or wait?


Finding a great exchange rate on the Pound to Japanese Yen before you travel means you don’t have to hunt for an ATM when you land. You’ll have the cash you need for food and taxis from the start of your adventure. You’ll also avoid charges on your bank card for overseas transactions and cash withdrawals.


Most of Japan’s businesses use cash for transactions, and you may not be able to use foreign credit or debit cards. Cash machines at post offices or banks generally close by 9pm and may not be available on weekends or holidays. That’s why it’s a good idea to change up cash before you arrive[1].




Which countries use the Japanese Yen?


Japanese Yen is the official currency of Japan. Japanese Yen is only valid in its native country. You can’t spend it elsewhere.


Yen coins and banknotes


The Japanese Yen was established in 1871. The word literally means “round object” or “circle”. Coins are divided into[2]:




  • ¥ 1
  • ¥ 5
  • ¥ 10
  • ¥ 50
  • ¥ 100
  • ¥ 500


Banknotes have light blues, green and purples on their inscriptions. They feature icons of culture and natural beauty, emphasising the country’s deep respect for cultivation. These are the denominations[3]:



  • ¥ 1,000
  • ¥ 2,000
  • ¥ 5,000
  • ¥ 10,000

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Common Yen questions 


How much is 1 GBP to 1 JPY?

1 Pound in Japanese Yen is roughly between for ¥177-186*. Bear in mind that exchange rates are always in flux. That means that the exact amount you’ll get will depend on the day you buy.


*Rates taken from Asda foreign exchange calculator. At time of publishing - November 2023.


Is 10K Yen a lot?

Not as much as you might think. Using the current exchange rate, you’d come out with around £57.


What else do I need before I leave?

Let’s get the rest of your trip covered. Explore Travel Insurance with Asda for complete peace of mind, covering one trip or several through the year.

How much do things cost in the Japan?


Japanese currency has swung up and down drastically since the end of World War II. In the 1990s, for example, it was almost on par with the U.S. Dollar. Yet relative value and living standards have evened out to match most Western countries. If you’re arriving from the UK, you’ll find some things are cheaper while others are more expensive. Here are typical expenses in Japanese Yen[4]:

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