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Norwegian Krone

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Whether you’re skiing, hiking or gazing up at the Northern Lights, Norway is brimming with natural wonders. Major tourist spots like Oslo, Burgen and Trondheim are just as impressive for shopping and eating out, too.


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Should I buy Norwegian Krone now or wait?


Why leave currency exchange to the last minute? Secure an excellent rate for British Pounds to Norwegian Krone today and there’s one less thing on your to-do list.

Swapping GBP for Norwegian Krone sooner rather than later is smart for several reasons. You’ll avoid worse rates exchanging in Norway, as well as avoiding fees for foreign card transactions and withdrawal. And you won’t have to search for an ATM when you land.


Which countries use the Norwegian Krone?


Although Sweden and Denmark both have their own version of the Krone, you can’t use NOK in either country or elsewhere. Norwegian Krone can only be traded on the mainland, Bouvet Island and the archipelago of Svalbard[2].

Krona coins and banknotes


In the 1870s, Norway joined the Scandinavian Monetary Union (SMU), which aligned it with Sweden and Denmark for a single currency. However, by 1914, the SMU had fallen apart, and each nation decided to keep their own form of the “crown” (Krone)[3]. Interestingly, one Kroner still divides into 100 øre, but 50 øre coins have been out of circulation since 2012[4]. The coins that remain are[5]:



  • 1 kr
  • 5 kr
  • 10 kr
  • 20 kr


If you pay with a Norwegian banknote, businesses will round prices up or down to the nearest Kroner so you don’t receive any øre. On the other hand, card transactions take or add the exact amount from or into your bank account. NOK notes are colourful, showing symbols of maritime culture. Norwegian Krone will arrive in sets of[6]:



  • 50 kr
  • 100 kr
  • 200 kr
  • 500 kr
  • 1,000 kr

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Common Kroner questions 


How much is 1 GBP to 1 NOK?

1 Pound is about kr12.90-13.90*.


*Rates taken from Asda foreign exchange calculator. At time of publishing - November 2023.



What else do I need before I leave?

Let’s get the rest of your trip covered. Explore Travel Insurance with Asda for complete peace of mind, covering one trip or several through the year.

How much do things cost in the Norway?


While Norway remains an expensive place in the West, living costs have been decreasing recently[7]. If you’re keen to see what Norwegian Krone to Pounds will get you, take a look at some average costs for tourists [8][9]:

Before you run off to Norway, remember to pick up your holiday money at Asda

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