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There are few destinations in the world quite like Sweden. Whether you’re seeking unspoiled nature, gourmet food markets or midnight sun in the summer, there are so many reasons to travel here.

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Which countries use the Swedish Krona?


Swedish Krona is the official currency of Sweden. While Denmark, Iceland and Norway have their own Krone or Krona, you can’t spend SEK elsewhere in Scandinavia[2] — or any other part of the world for that matter. Swedish Krona is only valid in Sweden.

It’s worth mentioning that although Sweden is a member of the EU and may eventually adopt the Euro, national preference for the Krona remains strong[3]. You can’t use Euros anywhere in the country.

Krona coins and banknotes


Sweden began minting the Krona (meaning “crown”) in 1873. Unlike the Danish Krone, it isn’t tied to the Euro, meaning that the Swedish Riksbank doesn’t have a fixed exchange rate policy in line with much of the continent[4].

One unit of SEK divides into 100 øre; the last of these were phased out in 2010[5]. Modern Swedish coins consist of[6]:



  • kr 1
  • kr 2
  • kr 5
  • kr 10


Converting Pounds to Swedish Krona soon? You might want to learn more about SEK banknotes, which are decorated with famous Swedish figures such as Greta Garbo, Ingmar Bergman and Dag Hammarskjöld. They’re in denominations of:



  • kr 20
  • kr 50
  • kr 100
  • kr 200
  • kr 500
  • kr 1,000

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Common Swedish Krona questions 


How much is 1 GBP to 1 SEK?

Although rates always change, you’ll probably receive between 12.5 to 13 SEK for every 1 GBP you exchange*. That would mean 500 Swedish Krona in Pounds would cost just over £40.


*Rates taken from Asda foreign exchange calculator. At time of publishing - November 2023.


Why is the Swedish Krona so strong?

This is a slight misconception. Yes, SEK is still fairly strong due to Sweden’s high exports and open approach to international business[7], but in recent years it’s been weakening because of those same factors, as most of its value is derived from overseas trading[8].



What else do I need before I leave?

Let’s get the rest of your trip covered. Explore Travel Insurance with Asda for complete peace of mind, covering one trip or several through the year.

How much do things cost in the Sweden?


Don’t worry — visiting Sweden might be less expensive than you think it is. Many estimates place the country slightly higher than the UK for accommodation, groceries, entertainment and transport[9]. In fact, it’s more affordable than many parts of Denmark, Norway and Iceland[10]. Get a firmer idea of how far your Swedish Krona can go with our tourist cost breakdown[11][12]:

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