Comparing Breakdown Cover Guide

Couple with broken down car on the phone to recovery

When looking for breakdown cover, it can be tough to wade through all the providers and offers out there individually to find one that suits you. One of the main ways to find the right breakdown cover is through comparison, either conducted by yourself or by a trusted third party. Here are some of the common questions you might be considering when comparing different breakdown cover policies which we’ve provided answers for.

Is car breakdown cover worth it?

Life is full of unexpected events and doing what you can to be prepared to deal with these takes away a lot of the stress which can come with them. Having your car break down can be quite frustrating, especially if it’s your main way of getting around or you rely on it for work.

Having car breakdown cover gives you a lifeline you can count on to handle surprise car troubles, either through repairing your car on the roadside or taking you to a garage to sort out more complex issues. 

This saving alone can make having breakdown cover worth it, but along with the peace of mind it can give you and the extra benefits that you can also get, there’s a reason it’s picked up by many drivers.

What does the right breakdown cover have?

When looking at different breakdown cover policies, there are a range of different features that are worth keeping an eye out for and can make a provider stand out from the crowd.

Car hire and accommodation options are two particularly useful benefits to have if your car encounters bigger problems which might take longer to sort out. This means your policy provider can either set you up with a hire car to get you to your destination or put you up in temporary accommodation while you work out what to do next. Our European Breakdown Cover provides this to you even whilst you're in Europe.

Home assist is especially valuable for when you’re at home and your car won’t start on a morning due to a mystery problem. Not all forms of breakdown cover include help at your home address, so it’s an area where some people get caught out.

Relief driver services can come in handy if you’re travelling as a group and the only driver gets injured or falls ill. By having someone on hand to complete your journey, it can avoid your group getting stranded somewhere unknown.

These are just a few examples of the extra value that breakdown cover providers can add to their policy beyond just roadside assistance, so it’s well worth looking at the finer details to see whether you’re getting a good deal or not.


Is personal or vehicle breakdown cover cheaper?

Breakdown cover usually comes in two forms, personal cover or vehicle cover. Vehicle cover means if your car breaks down it can be sorted out no matter who’s driving, whereas personal cover means that any car the policy holder is driving is covered if it breaks down.

Because personal breakdown cover can be used for any car you might be driving, it is often more expensive than vehicle breakdown cover which is limited to just a single vehicle. However, if you own more than one car then it could be cheaper to opt for personal breakdown cover rather than getting vehicle breakdown cover for each car individually.

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