Breakdown Cover Guide

Young woman by the side of the road on phone with bonnet up

What is breakdown cover?

Whether you’re making long-distance trips cross-country or just running around town in your car, breakdown cover is there to help you out in a pinch. Having breakdown cover means if you happen to run into problems with your car which mean you have to pull off the road, you can easily get assistance to get you back on the road, even if you're away in Europe.

Do I need breakdown cover?

If you break down at the side of the road, you’re still able to call-out a professional to rescue you and your vehicle without having breakdown cover. The problem is that, without cover, this can end up landing you with a hefty bill for an emergency call-out. By taking out annual breakdown cover, the cost of your call-out will be taken care of since it’s all arranged through your breakdown provider. 

So, while having breakdown cover isn’t a legal requirement like car insurance is, having breakdown cover in place really does pay when the unexpected happens. Running into trouble on the road is something that could happen to anyone, so it’s better to have easy assistance there rather than opening yourself up to expensive, unexpected costs.

Plus, some breakdown cover policies (like ours!) offer additional benefits which go even further towards helping you out in difficult situations, such as home assist and recovery if your car won’t start at home, European Breakdown Cover and car hire or accommodation options if you’re far from home and your car can’t be repaired the same day to get you back. Compare our different cover types to find the best option for you.

What is the difference between roadside assistance and breakdown cover?

Both roadside assistance and breakdown cover accomplish the same thing – getting you moving again after your car breaks down.

Roadside assistance is the most basic level of breakdown cover you can get and it is usually included within any breakdown cover policy. It gives you access to services so you can get your car fixed at the roadside or towed to a nearby garage for more major repairs if needed. However, with roadside assistance only, you won’t have choice over the garage and can’t request help at home or if you’re within a quarter mile of your home. Take a look at our detailed FAQs if you have any further questions.

What is the best breakdown cover?

Finding the best breakdown cover for you usually means a policy which balances great services and features at a price which offers value for money - you can find out what makes the best breakdown cover here. For a more detailed review of our different breakdown cover types, take a look at our comparison guide.

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