Van Breakdown Cover

If you rely on your van for everyday driving or your job, a breakdown can throw a spanner in the works. Especially if it happens when you’re out on the road.


Van breakdown cover can help with roadside assistance and the necessary repairs to get you back behind the wheel. 93.52% of 1,450 Asda customers were able to complete their journey (August'23-January'24) with our UK breakdown cover.

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What is van breakdown cover?


Van breakdown cover is a kind of insurance that gives you roadside assistance if your van breaks down or otherwise can’t be driven. It aims to get your van back on the road as quickly as possible, to minimise any disruption to your life and work.


Breakdown cover for vans typically includes roadside recovery, roadside assistance and repairs, and transport to a garage if required. If your van can be repaired by the side of the road, then you can be driving again in no time. Even if your van needs to be taken to a garage, breakdown cover ensures it’ll be taken care of swiftly.


Different levels of van breakdown cover are available. You can buy breakdown cover for vans separately or as part of your annual van insurance.


Is breakdown cover for my van a legal requirement?


Van breakdown cover isn’t a legal requirement in the UK, but it’s highly recommended.


If you rely on your van for daily driving and/or for work, then a breakdown can be disruptive and costly. Even a simple fault with your van’s engine or electrics can bring it to a halt. It can be stressful if you need to pick up the kids, have a van full of supermarket shopping or need to make an urgent delivery.


Van breakdown cover takes the hassle and stress out of breakdowns. Your van will be seen quickly at the roadside. In many instances, the required repairs can be made on the spot. Even if a roadside fix isn’t possible, your van will be taken to a garage for repairs to get you back on the road quickly.


Get a great value breakdown cover quote for your van


Personal vs vehicle breakdown cover


When buying van breakdown cover in the UK, you can choose between covering either yourself as the driver or your van:


  • Personal breakdown cover: Provides breakdown cover for you as a named individual. You’ll be covered if you’re a driver or even a passenger of any vehicle that meets the policy’s conditions. Personal breakdown cover is a good option if you drive multiple vans.


  • Vehicle breakdown cover: Provides breakdown cover for a specific van, regardless of who is driving it. Vehicle breakdown cover is ideal when multiple people, like employees or family members, drive the same van.


Levels of cover for your van


There are a variety of different types of cover to pick from when it comes to buying breakdown cover for vans in the UK. All policies include roadside assistance as standard, but you can add other options on top of that.


  • Roadside assistance: The standard level of van breakdown cover. A van recovery engineer will be sent to your location and will try to repair your van at the roadside. If that can’t be done, your van will typically be towed to a garage or your home.


  • National coverage: If your van can’t be repaired by the side of the road, national coverage ensures it will be taken to your local garage, or your home, wherever you are in the UK. This is a suitable choice if you drive long distances.


  • European van breakdown cover: Gives you van breakdown cover throughout Europe if you need to drive your van on the continent. Some policies will exclude certain European countries, so make sure you understand which are covered when you buy European cover.


  • Home start: Provides cover if your van won't start at your home or a work location, or within a defined distance of either.


  • Onward journey cover: If your van can’t be repaired by the side of the road, onward cover helps you get to where you need to be. Depending on the details of your policy, you may be offered a replacement vehicle, travel expenses, or even overnight accommodation.


  • Parts and garage cover: Reimburses you for the cost of repairs and replacement parts at a garage.


  • Misfuelling cover: If someone accidentally puts the wrong fuel in the van, whether you or another driver.


  • Key cover: Provides locksmith assistance if a key is lost or locked inside a van.


How can I get cheaper breakdown cover for my van?


You can take steps to try and lower the prices you’re quoted for van breakdown cover, including:


  • Opting for vehicle cover: Vehicle cover tends to be cheaper than personal cover, as the insurer knows exactly which van is being covered.


  • Choosing a lower level of cover: The greater the level of cover you select, the more expensive your policy will be. Basic roadside assistance will typically be the cheapest level of breakdown cover for vans.


What information do I need to provide for a quote?


To get an online quote for van breakdown cover, you’ll need to tell providers:


  • Your personal details, including your name and age.
  • Some details about your van, like its make, model, and registration.
  • The level of cover you require.
  • The date you want your van breakdown cover to begin.


What’s not covered with Asda Money?


Asda Money offers breakdown cover via our trusted partner LV= Britannia Rescue. You can choose from three levels of cover: roadside cover, UK breakdown cover, and European breakdown cover.


When considering Asda Money van breakdown cover, make sure you understand what exclusions there are. For example, we are unable to provide cover for vehicles that are:


  • Over 7 metres in length.
  • Over 2.3 metres in width.
  • Over 3 metres in height.
  • Over 3.5 tonnes in weight.


We also do not offer breakdown cover for those using their vehicle for hire and rewards purposes. This means using your van to carry goods or people in return for payment, such as a taxi service or making food and parcel deliveries.


Van Insurance FAQs

Is my van classed as a commercial vehicle?

The same make and model of van can be classed as a commercial or non-commercial vehicle based on its primary use. If you use your van mostly for business purposes, rather than personal, your van will typically be considered a commercial vehicle and will need commercial van insurance.

How do I get breakdown cover on a hire van?

When you hire a van, the company you hire it from will usually offer you insurance and breakdown cover options. If not, or if you want to buy breakdown cover elsewhere, you can buy short-term van breakdown cover from a number of insurance providers.

Why choose Asda Breakdown Cover?

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Top Breakdown Cover FAQs:

What should I do if I breakdown?

If you breakdown on the roadside, you need to ensure everything you do is safe. Switch on your hazard lights so other vehicles know you’re having an issue and can see your vehicle clearly. Then, when it is safe to do so, get out of your vehicle and stand away from the road at a safe distance. You should then call our 24 hour UK breakdown cover helpline on 0330 678 7144 and they will be able to talk you through the next steps. For more information, check out our FAQs page.

What’s the average wait time for breakdown assistance?

Although every provider is different, we aim to be with you as soon as possible, where this isn't the case Britannia Rescue will let you know if the breakdown professional is delayed.

What is the difference between breakdown cover and roadside assistance?

While you might think the two are pretty much the same, roadside assistance is a basic form of breakdown cover which helps if your car breaks down, but has restrictions on where you can get help and limits on the number of callouts you can make per year.

Other breakdown cover policies, such as UK Breakdown Cover and European Breakdown Cover, give you access to roadside assistance but have less restrictions and unlimited callouts, as well as other useful features which can be helpful in a wider range of breakdown situations.

What does home start mean on breakdown cover?

Home start or home assist in a breakdown cover policy means that you can request breakdown help at your home address. Some types of cover, such as our Roadside Cover, won’t include assistance if you’re at home, so it’s worth checking the details of a policy to be sure it’s included. This can be especially useful if you rely on your car for work and travel from home often, as problems can sometimes arise overnight.

Can I get breakdown cover on a second car?

Standard breakdown cover will give you vehicle cover, meaning that only the specific vehicle named in the policy is covered. However, you can typically add a second car as an optional extra for a small fee, please call us to discuss this. 

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