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14 Mar 2024

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Mexico is an increasingly popular destination for UK tourists, and it’s not hard to see why with its ancient history, beautiful scenery and beaches, tropical weather, famous cuisine, and unique blending of cultures. Having travel insurance in place for your trip to Mexico can help if something doesn’t quite go to plan.


Do I need Travel Insurance for Mexico?


Travel insurance isn’t compulsory for visiting Mexico, but it’s definitely worth considering.


Accidents and unexpected problems can always happen on holiday, disrupting your plans and potentially costing you more. With the right travel insurance in place, you can rest assured that you’re properly protected against the unexpected.


Travel insurance can cover you against things like:


  • Medical expenses
  • Being brought back to the UK for medical reasons (being repatriated)
  • The loss of your luggage or other possessions
  • Your trip being cut short or cancelled
  • Your trip being prolonged for any reason – such as your return travel being cancelled, meaning you need to stay extra days


Do I need a Visa for Mexico?


You don’t need a visa to enter Mexico as a tourist[1]. British tourists must fill in an immigration form when visiting Mexico, and you’ll need to keep it with you as you enter and leave the country. You’ll be given immigration forms on flights into Mexico, and if you’re entering the country by land you’ll need to fill out an immigration form online.


If you’re visiting Mexico for other reasons, such as for business, volunteering work or for research you may need a visa.


Travel Insurance Policy Types for Mexico


When searching for travel insurance for Mexico, you’ll find you’ll have a range of policy options, suited to different requirements, including:



  • Annual travel insurance: if you’re planning on making multiple trips to Mexico within a year (or other destinations covered by a worldwide policy) an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy may be more cost-effective than buying single-trip


  • Family and couples travel insurance: if you’re visiting Mexico as a couple or as a family, you could get a better deal on your travel insurance with a couple or family policy rather than getting everyone individual policies.


  • Gadget cover: some gadgets – like phones, tablets and cameras – may not be fully covered by a standard travel insurance policy. You might need to buy additional gadget cover as an add-on or take out a dedicated gadget policy to make sure your valuables are properly covered.


  • Sports travel insurance: if you’ll be playing sports in Mexico, you may need sports travel insurance to make sure you’re properly protected.


What will Mexico Travel Insurance cover?


Whilst the details of each insurance policy will differ, you can expect the majority of worldwide travel insurance policies to cover the following:


  • Most medical care costs in Mexico
  • The cost of being brought back to the UK for medical treatment (repatriation)
  • Your holiday being cancelled
  • Your flights, and other transport, being cancelled or delayed
  • Your holiday being prolonged – such as your return flights being cancelled, meaning you need to book additional accommodation and incur other living expenses
  • The loss, damage or theft of your luggage or other personal property
  • Coronavirus cover in case your trip is disrupted by any measures taken
  • Personal liability – legal or other costs incurred if you're responsible for causing damage or injury to other people


What Won’t be Covered by Travel Insurance for Mexico?


As standard, most worldwide travel insurance policies won’t cover:


  • Any pre-existing medical conditions you have that you’ve not told your insurer about – you must tell your insurance provider about any medical conditions you have or you won’t be covered. This may involve specialist travel insurance for people with certain medical conditions
  • Alcohol or drug intoxication – if you injure yourself or cause an accident whilst under the influence of excessive alcohol or drugs, you may not be covered
  • Terrorist incidents
  • Natural disasters
  • Sports considered an insurance risk, like mountain climbing, white water rafting, diving, surfing or horse riding – you may need specific sports insurance to cover these activities


How Much is Travel Insurance for Mexico?


The cost of a travel insurance policy will depend upon:


  • Your individual circumstances, like your age and your medical history
  • What you’re taking with you, including expensive gadgets like cameras and tablets
  • Your holiday plans, and whether you’ll be playing sports or engaging in other activities that may be viewed as a risk
  • Who else is travelling with you, whether you’ll be buying a single policy, a couple or family policy, or an annual multi-trip policy


Healthcare in Mexico


Mexico has both private and public healthcare systems. As a British citizen, you won’t be able to use public healthcare in Mexico for free. You’ll be charged for any medical services you need, which is why travel insurance can be so important.


Be aware that some hospitals in Mexico won’t work directly with insurance companies[2]. This means that in some cases you’ll have to pay the costs of medical care yourself and then recover the cost from your insurer afterwards.


Is Mexico classed as the Caribbean for Travel Insurance?


For a visit to Mexico, you’ll need to buy a worldwide travel insurance policy. Most worldwide travel insurance policies are divided into either:


  1. Worldwide travel insurance excluding the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean
  2. Worldwide travel insurance including the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean


Policies that include cover for the USA, Canada and the Caribbean are usually more expensive than the policies that don’t, as healthcare in these countries is typically more expensive than elsewhere in the world[3][4].


For some destinations in Mexico, you’ll be able to buy worldwide travel insurance that excludes the USA, Canada and the Caribbean. But some locations – especially on the east coast, like Cancun, Tulum, Isla Mujeres and Playa del Carmen – may be classed as Caribbean by some insurance providers. This means you’ll need worldwide travel insurance including the USA, Canada and the Caribbean. Always check if your chosen destination within Mexico is covered when comparing travel insurance policy quotes.


Travel Risks in Mexico


The vast majority of trips made to Mexico by British tourists are free from trouble. But there are certain risks to be aware of when visiting Mexico, including:


  • Conflict areas: certain areas of Mexico experience relatively high levels of conflict and violence, mostly towards the north of Mexico and especially around the border with the US[5]. Tourist destinations are away from these locations, but be vigilant if you’re planning on any travel within Mexico. Research the areas you’ll be going to and passing through, and check the latest.


  • Crime: whilst tourist destinations in Mexico are generally safe, just as with any travel, be aware that theft and other crimes do happen[6]. Take sensible precautions, like avoiding walking alone at night, not accepting drinks from strangers, making sure your belongings are kept safe and not wearing valuable jewellery or watches when in crowded areas.


  • Natural disasters: Mexico can experience some natural disasters, including earthquakes[7] and hurricanes[8]. Whilst these events are rare, research the area you’re going to and the time of year you’re visiting to understand possible risks.


Driving in Mexico


If you’re planning on hiring a car, you can drive in Mexico with your UK licence or an International Driving Permit[9]. Be sure to read our guide on driving abroad before you leave.


Other Tips for Travelling to Mexico


With so much to offer, a trip to Mexico can be the holiday of a lifetime. Make sure that’s the case by following these Mexico travel tips:


  • Try to have emergency funds available: some Mexican hospitals and healthcare clinics won’t deal directly with insurance providers, meaning you’ll need to pay up-front for medical costs. Your insurance company will most likely reimburse you, but you should have funds available to cover any immediate charges.



  • Bank cards: your VISA and Mastercard credit and debit cards will be accepted widely in Mexico. Check with your bank before you leave in case you’re required to notify them that you’ll be using your cards abroad, and to see if there are any extra charges.


  • Language: although English is common in tourist areas, Spanish is the most widely spoken language in Mexico. Learning a few useful Spanish words and phrases will be appreciated, and you can download a voice-enabled translation app to your phone for language emergencies.


  • Be careful with food and water: Mexico has some of the best cuisine in the world, but to avoid any stomach upsets or other infections, make sure any food you eat is properly cooked and hasn’t been left out for long. Only drink, or brush your teeth, with bottled or boiled water, and don’t have drinks with ice.


  • Be aware of health risks: some areas of Mexico have health risks and endemic infections, like Zika virus, Chikungunya virus and Dengue fever[10]. Find out if there are any health risks in the area you’ll be visiting and what precautions you’ll need to take.



  • Take care in the sun and in high temperatures: Mexico can be blessed by some fantastic weather, but strong sun and high temperatures can be a hazard. Stay well hydrated, apply plenty of sun cream and avoid direct sun when it's at its strongest.


  • Make sure you’re properly vaccinated: at least six weeks before you travel, see your GP to make sure you’ve had all the necessary vaccinations that are recommended for Mexico.



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Mexico Travel Insurance FAQs

Do I need travel insurance to travel to Mexico?

Travel insurance isn’t a legal requirement for a holiday in Mexico but it’s worth considering. Travel insurance can help protect you against unforeseen expenses and incidents, such as the costs of medical care.


What insurance do you need to travel to Mexico?

You don’t have to have travel insurance for a trip to Mexico, but insurance is sensible as it can protect you against losses and expenses, like medical care or cancelled flights.

Why is travel insurance for Mexico so expensive?

Travel insurance for Mexico can be more expensive than other destinations, as worldwide insurance is usually more expensive than European travel insurance. You may also need worldwide insurance that covers the US, Canada and the Caribbean for some Mexican destinations, which tends to make travel insurance more expensive.


Can I go to Mexico without insurance?

You’re not legally required to have travel insurance to go to Mexico. However, travel and health insurance for Mexico can make sure you’re covered against unforeseen costs, like expensive medical care or the loss of your belongings.

Is healthcare free in Mexico?

As a British citizen, healthcare in Mexico won’t be free and you’ll need to pay your medical expenses. This is why travel insurance to Mexico from the UK can be helpful.


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