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There are many countries out there to discover, some of which require specific types of insurance to keep you covered while you explore the world. While most insurance policies will cover you for trips to countries in Europe, you might need a specific policy to make sure you’re covered elsewhere in the world.

What is Worldwide Travel Insurance?


A worldwide travel insurance policy essentially covers you for every destination you travel to, no matter where you go in the world. A lot of standard travel insurance policies exclude cover to certain countries such as the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean, mainly due to the cost of healthcare being higher in some parts of the world.


Worldwide insurance covers you for any medical expenses, transport issues, cancellations, flight delays, lost or stolen luggage and/or belongings for anywhere you travel, within a set time period. Many worldwide travel insurance policies now also come with Covid-19 cover, so you may be covered for delays or complications that come about due to Covid-19.

What countries does worldwide travel insurance cover?

When it comes to worldwide travel insurance, it’s important to know how different destinations are grouped to make it easier to understand the bands of insurance.

  • A single trip policy with Asda travel insurance groups destinations as follows:

    • Region 1 – UK
    • Region 2 – UK and Europe*
    • Region 3 – Covers Region 1 and 2, and Spain, The Canaries, Turkey, Cyprus and Malta**
    • Region 4 – Worldwide (excluding USA, Canada, Caribbean, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico and China.
    • Region 5 – Worldwide (including USA, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean)
    • Region 6 – Worldwide (excluding USA, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean)
    • Region 7 – Covers Australia and New Zealand only.


    An annual multi-trip policy with Asda travel insurance groups destinations as follows:

    • Region 1 – UK
    • Region 8 – UK and Europe*
    • Region 9 – Worldwide (excluding USA, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean)
    • Region 10 – Worldwide (including USA, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean)


    If you’re not sure which countries you’ll be visiting on your travels, like if you’re planning on hopping around following your impulses, then it’s best to pick up a comprehensive worldwide travel insurance policy which covers all destinations, leaving no country unaccounted for.


    *Europe west of the Ural Mountains including the Republic of Ireland and all countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, as well as Madeira and The Azores.

    **including the Balearic Islands.

What does a Worldwide Travel Policy include?


Most worldwide travel insurance policies will cover you for the following:


  • Medical cover – if you’re involved in an accident or fall ill unexpectedly or sustain any injuries, you will be covered for any medical healthcare costs.
  • Stolen, lost or damaged luggage – you will be covered if your personal belongings are lost, stolen or damaged, however many insurers have an item limit on claims for valuables, so you may want to think about getting additional cover for your belongings.
  • Delayed departure – if your flight is delayed or cancelled, or your entire holiday is cancelled then you may be reimbursed for this.
  • Personal liability – legal fees may be covered by your insurance for any accidents or liabilities.
  • Covid-19 cover – this covers you for any extended stays, cancellations or medical care required due to Covid-19.


The level of cover provided and what exactly it contains or limits varies between insurance providers, so always read over the terms and conditions of the available policies carefully before making any decisions.

What isn’t included in worldwide travel insurance?

One of the major benefits of worldwide travel insurance is the volume of countries covered by your policy, but you should still be aware of the limitations of your worldwide travel cover. You might find that your worldwide travel insurance is voided by the following things:

  • Travelling outside of the government’s guidelines (e.g. prohibited locations)
  • Not getting the required vaccinations needed to visit certain countries
  • Not declaring medical conditions, resulting in those conditions not being covered
  • Taking part in illegal activities
  • Getting into an accident or incident while under the influence (drugs or alcohol)

These exclusions are similar to any other form of travel insurance offered by any provider, but different insurers may also offer different levels of cover for different incidents. The main takeaway from this should be to check your policy carefully and understand what is and isn’t covered to avoid any surprises.

When should I buy worldwide cover?


The best time to take out any travel insurance policy is as soon as you have booked your holiday – and the same applies to worldwide travel insurance. By taking out insurance as early as possible, you will be protected if anything were to happen even before you set off, such as illness, bereavement, or flight cancellations.

The best worldwide travel insurance for you will entirely depend on what exactly you need cover for, and how long you will need it.


What effects the cost of Worldwide Travel Insurance?


There’s a handful of factors that will affect the overall cost of your travel insurance worldwide, including the following:


  • Age – your age / the age of others who are travelling with you will play a part in the cost of your worldwide family travel insurance. This is because older people are more likely to require health treatment whilst away, so your insurer will take this into account when calculating the cost of your premium.
  • Length of stay – the duration of your holiday is another factor that will affect your premium prices, as the longer you are away the higher the possibility of making a claim.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions – your medical history and possibility of pre-existing conditions will also increase the cost of your cover.
  • Activities – taking part in adventurous activities whilst on holiday, such as water sports, may require you to take out additional cover which adds to how much you’re paying for insurance.
  • Personal belongings – if you’re planning on taking valuables and expensive belongings such as cameras, laptops, or sports equipment with you this may affect the cost of your insurance.


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Single Vs Multi-Trip Worldwide Cover


A common question travellers have is whether they should get single or multi-trip annual travel insurance worldwide – however the answer entirely depends on what is best for you.


If you’re only planning on going on one single trip within the year, a single trip worldwide travel insurance policy is most likely your best and most cost-effective option.


However, if you know that you are most likely going to be travelling more than once a year or going to multiple different destinations, a worldwide multi-trip travel insurance policy is probably the best option. There’s usually no limit on the number of trips you can take in one single year with annual worldwide travel insurance, but there is usually a limit on the duration of each trip, and possibly also a limit on the total number of days you can be away during the year.*

*With annual multi-trip cover with Asda travel insurance, you will be covered to travel as many times as you like during any one period of insurance as long as no single trip lasts longer than 31 days if you have Value cover, 45 days if you have Premium cover, and 55 days if you have Superior cover.

Do I need travel insurance to visit USA?

While not legally required, travel insurance is pretty much essential for any trip to America. Any and all types of medical treatment in the USA is private, meaning that if you do get into an accident without medical cover you can be left with a much larger bill than you might expect. This is why worldwide travel insurance including the USA is more expensive than other types of worldwide cover.

Travel Insurance by Location


Worldwide travel insurance policies cover you for holidays and trips to almost everywhere in the world. These include:






What is worldwide travel insurance?


Worldwide travel insurance provides you with cover regardless of where you go in the world. Worldwide travel policies usually take into account the higher costs of healthcare across the world, and so they are typically more expensive than most other travel insurance policies.


Worldwide travel policies usually provide cover for medical expenses, flight delays/cancellations, and stolen or lost belongings.


In general, international travel insurance policies typically fall into two categories – those that include the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean, and those that exclude the USA, Canada and the Caribbean.


How much does worldwide insurance cost?


The cost of worldwide travel insurance is usually higher than standard travel insurance policies, mainly because insurers take into account the fact that healthcare costs are much higher in other parts of the world.


Other factors that affect the cost of your insurance include your age, the length of your holiday, your medical history, what valuables and belongings you are taking with you and the sort of activities you may be taking part in whilst abroad. If you want cheap worldwide travel insurance, maybe think about the factors we’ve mentioned above to see what you can do drive down the cost of your insurance.


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Can I buy travel insurance for multiple countries?


Yes – worldwide cover basically covers you for almost every country in the world, so if you are planning on visiting multiple different destinations across the globe, this is the insurance policy for you.

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