Of course you want to give your dog or cat the best care. That’s where pet insurance comes in. Keep reading to learn the benefits about having pet insurance.

Peace of mind

Accidents, injuries or illness can come out of nowhere and trips to the vet can be pricey. Pet insurance gives you peace of mind. It can help you with the costs if the worst happens.

Managing vet bills

Going to the vets can be costly. This is because vets undergo a lot of training and animal medicines and treatments cost a lot. Instead of having a big vet bill to pay out of the blue, pet insurance can help you.

When you buy pet insurance you can often choose to pay for it monthly. And with some pet insurance, you could get thousands of pounds worth of cover. Sometimes insurers can send the money straight to your vet, making it easier for you too.

Remember though, your pet insurance premium will increase as your pet gets older.

Third party cover

Only dog insurance includes Third Party Legal Liability cover. This is for when your dog damages property or kills or hurts someone. If you buy Asda Pet Insurance, you will have cover up to £1,000,000 for this. But this is only if the incident happens within the EU.

Types of cover

The type of cover you buy will determine what your pet is covered for. There are three different types of cover we offer:

  • Accident Only cover
  • 12 Months cover
  • Lifetime cover

It’s important to read the policy documents before buying insurance because the different types will cover different things, with all Pet Insurance policies limitations and exclusions apply.

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