Car Insurance FAQs

  • How do I get an Asda Car Insurance quote?

    We compare all levels of cover from over 50 UK insurers, get all your car insurance quotes by filling in one online form here.

  • Who is my car insurance with?

    We are a price comparison site for car insurance, so the policy you end up purchasing could be with any of the 50 insurers and brokers that we work with. Please refer to your policy documents to see who your insurer is.

  • What is an excess?

    An excess is a contribution that you pay towards the cost of a claim. Your current excess will be shown in your motor policy schedule. Typically, some insurers will offer a cheaper premium in return for you selecting a higher excess so it’s worth having a look to see if you can save money.

  • What if my car is not listed?

    If for some reason you can’t locate your car by its registration, simply click the 'find my vehicle' link. If you are still having trouble, please give our friendly customer service team a call on 0330 022 7024.

  • Am I covered to drive in other European countries?

    Most policies will automatically cover you to drive in all EU member states as well as those within the EEA, but it’s important that you check your own policy wording before travelling. The level of cover will be the same as you would get in the UK.

  • Do I need 'business use' insurance to drive to work?

    No. You can drive your vehicle back and forth to the same place of work and simply opt for social, domestic, pleasure and commuting cover. You will need to opt for business use if you need to use your vehicle to visit any other sites of business during your working day.

  • Can I pay for my annual premium monthly?

    Yes, you can if you're aged 18 or over. You can select to see annual or monthly prices when you complete your online quotation.

  • What if I need to make changes to my policy?

    If you need to make any changes to your policy, please contact your insurer or broker, whose details will be on your policy documents.