Cat Christmas Present Ideas

Need some Christmas gift ideas for your cat? We’ve got you covered – check out our gift guide to help you find the perfect present for your pet.

Everyone likes to be included when it comes to present time on Christmas day – and your cat is no exception. Whilst they may not be fully aware of what exactly is going on around them, it’s still nice to include them in the festive fun.

From tasty feline treats to soft toys you know they’ll love, here are our top picks for Christmas gifts for your cat.



Christmas gifts for cats


Tasty treats

What cat doesn’t love a tasty little treat? This Christmas, gift your furry friend a delicious gift that you know they’ll enjoy. Spoil your cat with some Dreamies Cat Biscuits or a Felix Goody Bag full of their favourite delights – after all, it’s not just us humans who love to indulge during Christmas!


A cute new food dish

Make your cat’s meal times more special with a new food dish. Fancy festive dinners can be something your cat can be involved in too, and this Christmas themed paw shaped ceramic bowl is the perfect way to include them.


Fun toys

Your cat can never have enough toys, so why not surprise them with something new this Christmas? Whether it’s a soft plush toy or a scratch toy, your cat will surely love whatever you get them, including these soft toy mice – perfect for play-hunting or just throwing around.  


Fancy bow tie

Let your cat join in with the festive dressing up this Christmas with a fancy new bow tie! Dress up your feline friend in cute accessories like this adorably festive bow tie – they’ll impress everyone with how smart they look!  


Cosy cat basket

If there’s one thing your cat probably loves more than playing and eating – it’s sleeping. Gift your furry companion with a warm and cosy new basket for them to snuggle up in after a long day. A cat basket makes the perfect Christmas gift for your pet and gives them a comfortable place to retreat whenever they need a nap.

Things to consider when choosing your cat’s Christmas gifts


Getting your cat a gift for Christmas can be incredibly exciting, but there are a few things to consider when picking out the perfect present for your pet.

  • Safety – always double check the labels on whatever you decide to buy for your cat to see if it’s cat friendly.
  • Cost – our love for our pets can sometimes mean we get a bit carried away, but you don’t have to spend a huge amount on gifts for your cat. Set a budget for yourself like you would for the rest of your Christmas shopping.

Including your pet in the festive fun and treating them to gifts can be a wholesome and rewarding experience. While your cat may not be able to play with it, it’s always worth considering Asda Money pet insurance along with their Christmas gifts.

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