Why Do Dogs Howl?

Like barking, howling is just another way that dogs communicate both with humans and fellow canines. But what does it mean and what should you do about it? This act stems back to your dog’s ancestry. Dogs are distantly related to wolves so this method of communication is in their blood but there are multiple reasons why your dog is displaying this behaviour including stress and anxiety. Let’s dive in to the weird and wonderful world of canine communication and discover everything there is to know about howling dogs and how to deal with separation anxiety in dogs.


Are dogs sad when they howl?

We know that when dogs howl, they are expressing an emotion but is it a positive one or a negative one? One of the many reasons dogs howl is because they are sad or lonely and if your dog is howling or barking when left alone, this is likely to be the cause. Dogs are social creatures and if they are left outside for a long period of time they can howl to attract attention. A simple solution to this is to spend more time with your dog and invest in some therapeutic or entertaining toys for your pet to enjoy while he or she is alone. No one wants to hear dogs crying at night but one thing you can do as a dog owner is give your pet lots of reassurance in the day time.


What does it mean if the dog howls?

There are hundreds of reasons that your dog could be howling. Dogs howling could signify any emotion. They could be happy, excited, sad, scared or angry. If you’ve ruled our separation anxiety as a cause, what other factors could be causing your dog to howl? Often canines respond to a loud or high-pitched noise with howling and this is simply their way of telling you that they have heard the noise and are ready to react. It could also mean they are trying to tell you they are in pain and alert you that something is wrong.


Why is it bad when dogs howl?

Often, your pet will howl for a harmless reason that can be quickly rectified with some time and effort. A howling dog can quickly become an annoyance to those around it if it is happening excessively. If your dog is howling excessively it could start to become a problem especially if your neighbours start to complain. If it is down to sickness, injury or loneliness, it could mean your pet is miserable which is of course something you will want to find a solution for.

One way to rule out illness or injury is to visit your vet. If you want to make sure you are covered, you can find the details of our various pet insurance policies here. Being prepared for the unexpected is all part and parcel of being a pet owner and pet insurance helps ensure you are ready for anything.


Photo by Kevin Noble on Unsplash

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