Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws?

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If you are a dog owner, you will most likely be well acquainted with your pet’s daily grooming regime. When a dog licks his or her paws, it is usually just part of their grooming rituals. But if your pup is doing this more than usual and it starts to become excessive, it could be time to act. Here we answer everything you have ever wanted to know about paw licking.


What your dog is trying to warn about when they lick their paws

If your dog is licking their paws more than usual, they could be trying to warn you about a potential problem or injury located here. If the excessive licking has occurred after a dog walk or after being in the garden, there is a chance a foreign object could be causing the problem. Licking could be a sign that the paw is irritated, itchy, sore or painful. To rule this out, do a quick inspection of the paws before investigating things that might not be visible to the naked eye. Paw licking can also be a sign that your dog has a cyst or a growth under the paw so if it continues, it is wise to take a trip to the vets to get your pet examined.


How can I get my dog to stop licking his paws?

If you have ruled out the possibility of a disease or injury, there are a number of things you can try to stop your dog from licking his paws. Excessive licking of paws can be linked to behavioural problems and your pet could be telling you that they are anxious or stressed. Another potential reason could simply be boredom. An easy way to stop your dog doing this is to distract them with other things. Longer periods exercising can help to tire your dog out and new toys can help to keep your dog busy.


Should I stop my dog from licking his paws?

If paw licking isn’t harming you or your dog and you’ve put it down to a grooming ritual then there is no need to take drastic steps to prevent it. If it is causing irritation to you or your pet or it turns into a cause for concern, seek help from a dog trainer or your local vet.


Why is my dog constantly licking his front legs?

What about if it’s not just the paws your dog is licking but his front legs too? If it isn’t just a normal part of your pet’s grooming experience, it could be the result of an allergy. A visit to the vet can rule out a potential allergy or an injury to the leg.

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