Why Do Dogs Shake?

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Decoding each and every one of your canine companion’s behavioural traits and unique characteristics is just part and parcel of being a pet owner. But some are harder to figure out than others and shaking or shivering is no exception. If your dog is shaking, it could signify an range of emotions from pain, excitement to aging or fear. Let’s look into the many reasons your dog is shaking and discover if it is a cause for concern.


Why is my dog shaking and should I be worried?

When your dog shakes you automatically begin to search for the cause. The most obvious reason that your dog could be shaking is because he or she is cold. If your dog is outside in the cold or has been swimming on their walk in a cold canal or river, this is your dog’s natural attempt to warm themselves up. If temperature is not a consideration, your dog could be shaking because they are happy or excited. Neither of these reasons are cause for concern. However, if your dog is shaking because he or she is scared, stressed or unwell, this is a matter that should be looked into further.


What should I do if my dog is shaking?

Sometimes your dog could be shaking for a reason that is totally harmless and sometimes it could be their way of giving you an SOS signal. First, you should rule out illness by taking your animal to a vet because sometimes shaking can be an indication that your dog is unwell. If your dog is healthy and you suspect your dog is shaking because they are scared or anxious, find ways to reassure your pet and see if this is a remedy.


Why is my dog shivering for no reason?

Some dogs do shake for no real reason at all. If you can’t find an obvious reason for this behaviour, look for a pattern. Does your dog shake at a certain time of day or night or is at random? Does your pet shake constantly or is it intermittent? Shaking is common for smaller dogs so do your research before becoming overly concerned. But if your dog is trembling for no reason and you spot any other symptoms that are out of the ordinary, for example vomiting or loss of appetite, this is your cue to seek help.


My dog shaking and acting scared. Why?

Dogs get scared and anxious for a number of reasons. Sometimes it will be a reaction to an event like a thunderstorm and other times your pet can pick up on your feelings of stress and feel anxious as a result. If you are worried about your dog shaking, talk to a vet.

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