Cheap Travel Insurance for Over 70s

Holiday cover in your golden years

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Exploring the world is a joyful experience no matter your age. Your golden years are made for doing what you love, and if travelling the world is what you want to do then we’re here to support that.

Travel insurance for over 70s is designed to give you the holiday cover you need so you can focus on seeing the world. Feeling confident in your travel insurance means you can discover new cities and visit your favourite places comfortably.

Can over 70s get travel insurance?

Of course you can! However, different providers will have different age limits for their cover.

At Asda Travel Insurance, our policies have no upper age limit. So whether you're buying a single trip policy or an annual multi-trip policy, we'll be able to cover you no matter your age.

We will take any pre-existing medical conditions into consideration when you take out your policy as well. That means if you do have any conditions, we’ll need you to declare them and complete a quick medical screening. There may be an extra fee to cover your condition.

Don't forget to keep us up to date if you have any changes to your health while being covered by your policy to make sure you remain fully covered (an additional charge may be needed to cover the new condition).

How much does travel insurance for over 70s cost?


Those over the age of 70 will typically pay more for their travel insurance than those that are younger. However, the amount you pay will vary depending on a range of factors, not just your age. Things like any pre-existing medical conditions, destination, length of the trip, level of cover you take out, and any optional extras you may require when travelling can all bump up the price of your travel insurance.


How to keep insurance costs down


Travel insurance for over 70s can seem expensive, but it’s important to know that there are some things you can do to try and keep the cost of your insurance down.


  • Choose an annual policy over a single trip policy – annual policies tend to work out cheaper overall and will cover you for multiple trips throughout the year. Annual travel insurance for over 70s is a good option if you like to travel a lot throughout the year.
  • Consider whether you need unexpected cover or not – travel insurance policies sometimes include cover for unexpected events that may occur, such as natural disasters or wars etc. However, if you’re confident that you’re travelling to a country where this may not be an issue, this cover may not be necessary.
  • Increase your excess – this can make your policy cheaper, however, do keep in mind that if you have to make a claim on your policy, you will have to pay more.

How long can I travel for if I’m over 70?

As long as you like! Our single trip policies can cover a holiday of up to 365 days, just let us know your travel dates and we'll give you a quote. With an annual multi-trip policy you can travel as many times as you like during the year, as long as no individual trip is over 35 days on a Value policy, 45 days on a Premium policy or 55 days if you've chosen a Superior policy. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our long stay travel insurance for over 70s. 


At what age does travel insurance go up?

Some insurers might turn you down if you’re over 65, even if you’re happy and healthy. Not us; our policies have no upper age limit. You might find that your premiums start to increase around 65, but we'll be able to offer you a policy no matter your age.


What medical conditions do you have to declare for travel insurance?



When taking out a travel insurance policy, you will need to declare all medical conditions you have in order for them to be covered by the policy. If there’s anything that you’re currently being treated for or are taking medication for, then you’ll need to let your provider know. You'll also need to inform them if you have any changes to your health after taking out the policy while still being covered.

A medical condition can be any kind of illness, disability, or injury that you are suffering from at the time of taking out your travel insurance policy, for example, diabetes or asthma. It can also mean chronic conditions you may have recovered from but could still potentially cause complications further down the line, such as cancer or high blood pressure.  

Any pre-existing medical conditions you don’t declare won’t be covered by your insurance, so if anything were to happen abroad because of that condition then you wouldn’t be able to claim for any relevant costs. Keep in mind that over 70 travel insurance with medical conditions will typically cost more as medical treatment abroad is a lot more expensive.



Cruise Travel Insurance


At Asda Money, we offer travel insurance for cruise holidays as an optional extra for all our policies which can cover you for:


  • Missed port departure.
  • Cabin confinement
  • Itinerary change
  • Unused excursions
  • Cruise interruption


These can all be especially useful when going on a cruise, as it can cover parts of your cruise you miss as a result of an accident or illness, or even missing your initial departure due to issues reaching the port or transport problems.


Reasons for cancellation that are covered by insurance


It’s a good idea to get travel insurance as early as possible so that you are fully covered in case anything goes wrong and you need to cancel your trip. The reasons for cancellation of trip that are covered by travel insurance can include:


  • Illness or injury to you, a close family member or someone you are travelling with
  • Redundancy
  • Bereavement
  • Natural disasters
  • Damage to your home or theft/burglary in your home
  • Jury duty or court appearance
  • Military redeployment


Where can I go with over 70s Travel Insurance?


With over 70s travel insurance, you can go almost anywhere you like. However, it’s important to know how to choose the right travel insurance policy based on where it is you’re travelling to.


Europe – If you’re travelling to Europe, you may find that most insurance providers offer a Europe specific insurance policy that keeps you covered when travelling to any country in the EU. European travel insurance can often be cheaper than worldwide insurance, so if you’re not planning to go anywhere outside of the EU, this policy may be best for you.


WorldwideWorldwide travel insurance covers you when you travel anywhere in the world. Do keep in mind that there are two categories of worldwide cover – one that includes the USA, Canada and the Caribbean and one that excludes these areas. Be sure to pick the policy that covers you for where you are planning to go.


UK – Yes, you can get cover for any holiday or vacation you take that’s just in the UK. If you’re looking for a little getaway closer to home, UK specific travel insurance is most likely the best option for you and will make sure you’re covered even if you haven’t gone very far.





Is travel insurance more expensive for over 70?

You can expect to pay more for travel insurance if you are 70+, as insurance providers will view you as a higher risk as you’re more likely to need medical treatment whilst travelling than younger age groups.


What is the best travel insurance for over 70s?

The best travel insurance for seniors over 70 will depend on a few factors, such as where you are planning to go, how long for and how often you will be travelling during the year. There are several different travel insurance policies available to all senior citizens, such as Worldwide, Europe or UK only cover, annual cover or single trip insurance.  


What medical conditions need declaring for travel insurance?

Any pre-existing medical condition or a medical condition you are suffering from at the time of taking out travel insurance will need to be declared when you take out your policy. These can include heart conditions, diabetes, asthma and any other respiratory problems, joint and bone inflammation, chronic illnesses including cancer or IBS, mental health issues and more.

If you have any other medical condition but you are unsure if it needs to be disclosed, it’s a good idea to get some advice and clarify that beforehand.


What is the cut off age for travel insurance?

This really depends on your insurance provider, as it tends to vary. Some may have an upper age limit of say 85, but others may still provide travel insurance regardless of how old you are. Always check with your insurance provider first to see how long they will provide you with cover for.


Is High Blood Pressure a pre-existing medical condition for travel insurance?

Yes – you should always disclose high blood pressure to your insurance provider even if it is well controlled, as it is considered to be a pre-existing medical condition.

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