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14 Mar 2024

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Dubai blends traditional Arabic culture with modern luxury to provide a holiday destination like no other. Home to the world’s tallest building, luxury shopping malls, turquoise waters and sandy beaches, all surrounded by stunning desert landscapes, Dubai is a popular destination for tourists worldwide.


To enjoy your holiday in Dubai with peace of mind, and to make sure any unforeseen events are dealt with smoothly, travel insurance for Dubai can be a big help.

Do I need travel insurance for Dubai?


Travel insurance isn’t legally required for British tourists visiting Dubai, but it can provide financial protection against all sorts of holiday mishaps.


Travel insurance protects you against incidents that could otherwise ruin a holiday, like delays and cancellations, lost luggage, stolen property, and expensive medical care. Knowing you’re covered means you can relax and enjoy your holiday in Dubai without worrying about anything going wrong and how much it could cost you.


Do I need a visa for Dubai?


As a British passport holder, you will need a visa to visit the Emirate of Dubai within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). You won’t need to organise this beforehand as you’ll be given a free visitor or tourist visa as you pass through Dubai immigration[1].


The visa will be valid for up to 40 days. If you want to stay in Dubai for longer than 40 days, you should contact the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs.


What other entry requirements are there for Dubai?


To enter Dubai as a British tourist, you’ll need a valid UK passport that has an expiry date of at least six months after the date you arrive in Dubai[2].


You should also make sure your routine vaccinations are up to date, and check the vaccinations recommended for travel to Dubai.


How much is travel insurance for Dubai?


The cost of travel insurance to Dubai will vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Your age – the cost of travel insurance tends to go up as you get older
  • Any pre-existing medical conditions you may have
  • The duration of your stay in Dubai
  • The activities you plan to do on holiday
  • The specific level of cover you may need, as well as any add-ons you might require


Asda Money offers a range of options for cheap travel insurance to Dubai. If this will be your only holiday this year, our single-trip travel insurance may be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you are planning multiple holidays, taking out annual multi-trip cover may be cheaper.

If you are travelling as a family, Asda’s family cover will insure up to 3 kids for free. *

No matter which type of insurance policy you take out, Asda Money offers three levels of cover: Value, Premium and Superior. Each level provides different amounts you can claim for unforeseen events, such as lost luggage, cancellations, medical bills, legal expenses, personal money, and delayed departures.

For example, Asda’s Value cover will pay up to £20 million for medical expenses, £1,000 for lost luggage and up to £1,000 per person if you need to cancel or cut your trip short. **

With Asda’s Premium cover, you will be covered up to £25 million for medical expenses, £1,300 for lost or stolen personal belongings, and up to £2,000 per person if you need to cancel or cut your trip short. **

Alternatively, Asda’s Superior cover offers unlimited protection for medical costs, £2000 for lost luggage and up to £5000 for cancelling or cutting short your holiday. **

You may also need to take out additional cover for any extreme sports or adventure activities that are not included in your standard policy.

If you are going to Dubai on business or taking expensive personal belongings with you, it may be worth considering additional gadget cover or business travel insurance to make sure you have adequate protection in place for expensive items.

To check which policy is best for you, compare travel insurance options to Dubai to make sure you get the level of cover that’s right for you.

* Up to three kids go free per insured adult, subject to medical screening when you buy direct with us.

** Exclusions and restrictions apply so check your policy documents for full details.


What will Dubai Travel Insurance cover?


Most standard international travel insurance policies will cover:


  • Having to cancel your trip for any valid reason that is specified in your insurance policy, such as having to head home earlier for an emergency
  • Medical expenses or the costs of any other emergency treatment
  • Repatriation – cover for the cost of bringing you back to the UK
  • Lost, stolen, damaged or delayed personal belongings and luggage
  • Personal accident cover
  • Delayed or cancelled flights
  • Cancelled accommodation
  • The cost of your trip being prolonged
  • Lost passport
  • Personal liability cover – this provides protection for you in case you cause injury or damage to another person or their possessions
  • Legal expenses


What isn’t covered by travel insurance?


Your Dubai travel insurance will come with some standard exclusions, including:


  • Any pre-existing medical conditions that you did not disclose to your insurer when you took out your policy
  • Cover for unexpected incidents that may occur whilst you are abroad that impact your holiday such as civil unrest, war, earthquakes and/or any other natural disasters unless you’ve taken out additional cover for this
  • Cover for injuries or accidents that take place whilst you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Cover for accidents or injuries that take place when taking part in any dangerous activities or extreme sports that are not covered in your policy


When organising travel insurance to Dubai, read your policy documents so you know what is and isn’t covered before you travel.


Healthcare in Dubai


Dubai has a good healthcare system that’s comparable to the UK’s, with both private and public healthcare available.


As a British tourist, you won’t be eligible for free public healthcare in Dubai[3]. You’ll have to pay for any medical care you use, which can be expensive. You may even be refused private healthcare in Dubai if you don’t have a valid travel insurance policy. Having the right travel insurance for Dubai can stop this happening and help you get the medical care you need, without it costing you a small fortune.


For medical emergencies in Dubai, call 999, just like at home, and ask for an ambulance.


If you’re taken for medical care, contact your travel insurer as soon as you can to explain the situation, and to see how they can help.


Tips for travelling to Dubai


To help make the most out of your trip, read our Dubai travel tips:


Etiquette and culture


Dubai is a welcoming destination for most people, but it’s an Emirate with its own distinct culture that you’ll need to be aware of and respect. You should know that:


  • Modest dress is appreciated in public places. Women are expected to cover their shoulders, upper arms and legs – underwear shouldn’t be visible, including bras[4]
  • Swimwear can only be worn around pools and at the beach[5]
  • Public displays of affection are discouraged. You can even be arrested for kissing (holding hands is allowed, and isn’t seen as a display of affection)[6]
  • Drinking alcohol and smoking is allowed, but only in designated areas like licenced restaurants[7]
  • You can’t take photographs of people without their permission[8]




Held on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is a religious festival that involves fasting from sunrise to sunset. If you’re in Dubai during Ramadan, do your best to respect the celebration, including not eating and drinking in public.


LGBTQ+ travellers


Same-sex relationships are illegal in the UAE and same-sex marriages aren’t recognised. Public displays of affection between same-sex couples risk arrest and prosecution[9].




Dubai uses the official currency of the United Arab Emirates, the UAE dirham (AED).


Cash machines are readily available throughout Dubai, and VISA and Mastercard debit and credit cards are widely accepted. You may incur charges for using your cards and withdrawing money abroad.


It’s sensible to travel to Dubai with some UAE dirham cash already in your wallet. You can order UAE dirham online with Asda Money for easy home delivery or in-store collection. We also offer an Asda Travel Money Card that lets you make contactless payments anywhere Mastercard Prepaid is accepted, without any fees for using it abroad.


Carrying ID


You’re legally required to carry a form of photo ID on you at all times, such as your passport. A photocopy of your ID won’t count.




Tipping isn’t mandatory in Dubai, but it is appreciated. Some restaurants may add a 10 to 15% service charge to bills.


Prescription medication


If you’re travelling with prescription medication, make sure you:


  • Keep all medication in its original packaging
  • Bring your prescriptions with you
  • Ask your doctor to write a note explaining why you’re taking it
  • Check that it’s not prohibited in Dubai (if you’re prescription is prohibited, contact the Ministry's Drug Control Department via


Travel Risks in Dubai


Dubai and the UAE are generally safe to visit. Just as with any trip, there are some travel risks to be aware of:




Crime rates are low in Dubai, but it’s always sensible to exercise caution. Make sure your belongings are always secure and avoid travelling alone in unknown areas and at night.




Only use licensed taxis (cream cars with coloured roofs) or Uber or Careem rides to avoid getting into unsafe unlicensed cars and/or being overcharged[10].


Strong sun and high temperatures


Dubai regularly experiences strong sun and temperatures in the 30s and 40s, especially from May to September. Remember to wear plenty of suncream, take water with you wherever you go, and wear light but modest clothing. You may find yourself frequently stepping out of air-conditioned buildings into baking heat, so multiple layers of clothing can be a good idea.


Check the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) travel advice for Dubai before you leave so you’re up-to-date on any emerging risks.


What laws should I be aware of?


Whilst a fantastic holiday destination, you should be aware that you’re travelling to a country and a culture with different laws and customs from the UK. Bear the following in mind when in Duba[11]i:


  • Swearing and making rude gestures is illegal in Dubai, including when driving from inside a car
  • Cross-dressing is illegal
  • There have been cases of people being arrested for displays of affection in public, like kissing
  • All same-sex activity is illegal throughout the UAE
  • It’s illegal to drink or be under the influence of alcohol in a public place. Alcohol can only be drunk in licensed venues
  • Smoking is allowed, but in designated areas, whilst electronic e-cigarettes are illegal
  • The penalties for, using, possessing, and smuggling illegal drugs in the UAE are severe. Illegal drugs can include herbal highs and products containing cannabidiol (CBD) like CBD oil. If you’re in any doubt about a substance you want to bring with you to Dubai, check that it’s not prohibited
  • Only cross over roads at designated pedestrian crossings. It’s illegal to cross roads in all other places
  • It’s against the law to take photos or video government buildings and military installations in the UAE


Other things to consider when purchasing travel insurance for Dubai


When looking for a travel insurance policy for Dubai – as well as making sure it gives you necessary medical cover – consider the following:


  • Adventure and watersports - Many adventure and watersports you can enjoy in Dubai – like diving, jet skiing and quad biking in the desert – may not be covered by standard insurance policies. Even activities like camel riding may not be covered.


  • Snow sports - Although a desert location, you can ski and snowboard in Dubai at the Mall of the Emirates. If you fancy hitting the piste, standard travel insurance for Dubai from the UK rarely covers snow sports. You’ll likely have to buy a specific skiing or winter sports policy.


Check the details of all your travel insurance policies before you leave for Dubai, so you’re clear on what is and what isn’t covered by your Dubai travel insurance.


Getting around Dubai


Dubai is a relatively compact city, making it easy to get around and explore. Follow our Dubai travel advice for safe transport in the city.




As a British tourist, you’ll be able to drive and rent a car in Dubai with a UK driver’s licence. Women are now allowed to drive in Dubai and the UAE. If you do hire a car, buy car insurance alongside it as your travel insurance is unlikely to cover car hire.


Although roads are generally maintained to a high standard in Dubai, not all drivers follow traffic laws as closely as in the UK, and crashes are more common. Make sure you drive carefully and stay alert. Read more advice and tips on driving abroad.




Taxis are everywhere in Dubai and a convenient way to get around the city. To stay safe – and to avoid overcharging – use only licensed taxis or cars ordered by apps like Uber and Careem. Licensed taxis are cream-coloured, with differently coloured roofs. The ones with pink roofs are driven by women.


Public transport


Public transport in Dubai is modern, comfortable and reliable. The Dubai Metro rail network links throughout Dubai. There’s also a small tram network, plus plenty of air-conditioned buses. Public transport in Dubai offers a more cost-effective option than taxis.




You can book a range of boat excursions in Dubai, from trips on yachts to the traditional abra ferry boats found at Dubai Creek. Just make sure boating is covered by the terms of your Dubai travel insurance.













Dubai travel insurance FAQs

Do I need travel insurance to travel to Dubai?

As a British tourist, travel insurance for Dubai from the UK isn’t legally required but can be worth considering. Travel insurance is a cost-effective way to protect yourself against incidents that can ruin a trip. It can cover you for delays and cancellations, lost luggage, stolen property, and expensive medical bills.


What is the cost of travel insurance to Dubai?

The cost of travel insurance for Dubai varies and will depend upon your personal situation, considering your age and medical history, the duration of your trip, who’s going with you, the value of your holiday, and what activities you’ll need cover for. With Asda money, we can offer travel insurance for Dubai from the UK across three levels of cover, with options for all budgets.

If you’re planning an upcoming trip and are looking for cheap travel insurance to Dubai, head to our Asda Money Travel Insurance page for a free no-obligation quote. We’ll offer you a comprehensive level of cover to suit any budget.


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