Cost Effective Breakdown Cover Guide

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We all love finding a great deal, especially when it means we can save more money than we were expecting. We know how important value for money is and getting the best services possible without paying more than we should. This guide will answer some of the main questions you might have about finding cost effective breakdown cover and the cost of breakdown cover, both in the UK and Europe.

How much does breakdown cover cost?

Breakdown cover with Asda starts from £27 a year for Roadside Cover, and UK Breakdown Cover is available from £78. The benefits you get will vary depending on the type of cover you opt for, take a look at our comparison table here to understand the difference between the cover options.

When you compare the cost of breakdown cover with how much it costs for a call out to have your car checked by a professional, which could run up to hundreds of pounds before repairs, then the cost of breakdown cover can seem much more reasonable.

Can you pay for breakdown cover monthly?

Breakdown cover can be paid for in a one-off annual payment which gives you a year of cover, and some providers will allow you to pay via a monthly direct debit instead if you prefer.

However, if you do opt to pay monthly for breakdown cover it’s worth checking to see how much this will cost for the year, as the provider may add interest to the policy price, meaning it will cost you more than a one-off annual payment.

Can you buy breakdown cover separately?

While some car insurance providers will have breakdown cover as either an optional extra or included as part of their car insurance policy, you’re also able to buy separate breakdown cover from a number of providers, including us.

This can be useful if you decided against taking out breakdown cover with your car insurance but have since changed your mind, or if you’d prefer to compare breakdown cover separately before making a decision.

Which is the best breakdown cover to buy?

There’s no single answer for what the best breakdown cover policy is, as what’s best for one customer might not suit a different customer as well. Finding the right type of breakdown cover for you will involve balancing the features you get against the price, as well as thinking about how often you drive and how far you travel.

From roadside assistance only policies to European breakdown cover, we provide breakdown cover that’s great value for money and has great features – find out more here.

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