Breakdown Cover Roadside Cover from just £27 a year

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Why choose Asda’s Breakdown Cover?

Price No call out charges and cover to suit you with a range of cover options to meet your needs
Simplicity Access to over 3,000 breakdown recovery experts operating nationwide
Convenience We cover the vehicle, not just the driver, so others are covered driving your vehicle too
Roadside Cover from £27 a year Buy now
UK Breakdown Cover from £78 a year Buy now
European Cover from £142 a year Buy now

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The best breakdown cover is cover you can trust

… with over 3,000 professionals ready to keep you moving. Its service you’d expect from the AA and RAC at a price you might not.

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Choose from three types of cover:

1. Roadside Cover from £27 a year
With up to 6 call-outs a year, you’ll be covered anywhere in the UK if you’re at least a quarter of a mile from home.

2. UK Breakdown Cover from £78 a year
With no vehicle age limits, this cover includes Home Assist and recovery to a local garage, we’re here to help.

3. European Breakdown Cover from £142 a year
If you think you’ll be going continental in the next 12 months and still want all the benefits of our UK Breakdown Cover, this is a great option for you.

  Roadside UK Breakdown European




Assistance more than 1/4 mile from home Yes Yes Yes
Local recovery up to 10 miles from the location of the breakdown Yes Yes Yes
Home assistance   Yes Yes
Recovery to anywhere in the UK   Yes Yes
Hire car, alternative transport or overnight accommodation   Yes Yes
Cover in Europe     Yes
Personal cover - extend cover for you and your spouse/partner to any vehicle in the UK
Price of adding personal cover £28 £47 £47
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