Business Breakdown Cover

Asda Breakdown Cover can help get your business vehicles back on the road swiftly and with minimum fuss, for £78 a year per vehicle. Provided via our partner LV= Britannia Rescue, you’ll get access to a network of over 4,000 local breakdown professionals across the country, plus other additional services to get your vehicles working.


Whilst we don’t currently offer breakdown cover for fleets, couriers, taxis, and vehicles used for hire and reward work, we can provide breakdown cover for your individual business vehicles. Vehicles must be registered as owned by you, or a member of your household, and be kept at your home address or the normal place of garaging as shown on our records.

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What is business breakdown cover?


A business’ vehicles can be its lifeblood, and breakdowns can be costly and disruptive to your company’s operations.


If one of your vehicles does break down, business breakdown cover means you can make one call and have a recovery engineer sent to you quickly to fix the fault. If the vehicle can’t be fixed by the roadside, it can be towed to a secure location like a garage for repairs.


Business vehicle breakdown cover gives you the peace of mind that if one of your vehicles breaks down, it can be dealt with rapidly by professionals.


How does business breakdown cover differ from standard cover?


Breakdown cover at Asda Money will offer the same cover whether you’re driving a vehicle for personal use or for the business uses we cover. You’ll be able to select the same levels of breakdown cover, including Roadside Cover, Breakdown Cover, and European Breakdown Cover.


What types of business breakdown cover are there?


Just as with other types of vehicle insurance, you have a range of options to pick from when it comes to breakdown cover for business vehicles, including:


  • Roadside Cover: Get roadside assistance with one call anywhere in the UK.


  • Breakdown Cover: Benefit from UK-wide roadside assistance, plus home assist if a vehicle breaks down at home, as well as additional services like alternative transport options.



What types of vehicles are covered?


As well as business car breakdown cover, you can find business breakdown cover for a range of vehicles, including:



Different business breakdown cover policies will cover different vehicle specifications and will have specified exclusions, such as:


  • Vehicles weighing more than 3.5 metric tonnes
  • Vehicles wider than 2.5 metres
  • Motorcycles or scooters under 121cc


Always check the details of any breakdown cover policy to make sure you understand what is and isn’t covered.


Is business breakdown cover a legal requirement?


Business breakdown isn’t a legal requirement in the UK, but it’s a sensible investment that can save your business time and money.


Your business vehicles can be vital to the ongoing operation of your company, and breakdowns can be costly and disruptive. Having business breakdown cover means breakdowns can be dealt with as speedily as possible, and without your business having to cover the full cost of it.


Common optional extras for business breakdown cover


Usually, you can add optional areas to your cover including:


  • Onward travel: Cover for you to continue your journey – whether a replacement hire vehicle or expenses for an alternative mode of transport or overnight stay.


  • Home start: Cover if your vehicle won't start at your home or within a defined distance of it.


  • Misfuelling cover: Cover if you or another driver accidentally puts the wrong fuel in a vehicle, such as petrol in a diesel car.


  • Key cover: Provides locksmith assistance if a key is lost or locked inside a vehicle.


  • Battery replacement: Specific cover for a new battery to be bought and fitted if the one in your vehicle fails.


  • Tyre replacement: Cover that entitles you to a certain number of new tyres throughout the year.


Business breakdown cover restrictions with Asda Money


Business breakdown cover is ideal for people commuting to and from work in their vehicles, and driving within the working day for business tasks, like visiting clients and attending offsite meetings.


Breakdown cover at Asda Money won’t cover vehicles used for certain commercial purposes. This includes hire and reward work, fleet vehicles, and vehicles used by couriers or as taxis.


Find and compare business car insurance with Asda Money


As well as offering you a great deal on breakdown cover for business vehicles, we can help you find your ideal business car insurance policy.


With Asda Money, you can compare insurance quotes from over 60 of the UK’s top insurance providers – including Admiral, Hastings, Aviva, and others – to find the right policy for you. The car insurance comparison service is provided by Vast Visibility Limited.

Business breakdown cover FAQs

Does business cover include commuting?

Business cover often includes commuting, but not every policy will. Check the details of any policy you’re considering so you understand exactly what is and isn’t covered. Asda Money’s Breakdown Cover does cover you when commuting.

Can I drive my personal car for business?

You can drive your personal car for business if you and your employer agree for you to do so. You should speak to your employer about providing insurance for your vehicle including breakdown cover, as well as how your employer will reimburse you for the cost of business driving.

What is the penalty for driving without business insurance?

To legally drive in the UK, you must have vehicle insurance, including insurance that’s appropriate for your vehicle and work. If you’re not properly insured, you can face a range of penalties – including a £300 fixed penalty fine and 6 penalty points[1], rising to an unlimited fine and a disqualification from driving. You can also have your car seized, and in some cases destroyed.




Can anyone drive a vehicle with a business breakdown policy?

This depends on the policy. Some vehicle breakdown cover policies are personal policies that cover a specified driver to drive any vehicle. Other breakdown cover policies provide vehicle cover, meaning anyone legally driving that vehicle will have breakdown cover.

Why choose Asda Breakdown Cover?

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Top Breakdown Cover FAQs:

What should I do if I breakdown?

If you breakdown on the roadside, you need to ensure everything you do is safe. Switch on your hazard lights so other vehicles know you’re having an issue and can see your vehicle clearly. Then, when it is safe to do so, get out of your vehicle and stand away from the road at a safe distance. You should then call our 24 hour UK breakdown cover helpline on 0330 678 7144 and they will be able to talk you through the next steps. For more information, check out our FAQs page.

What’s the average wait time for breakdown assistance?

Although every provider is different, we aim to be with you as soon as possible, where this isn't the case Britannia Rescue will let you know if the breakdown professional is delayed.

What is the difference between breakdown cover and roadside assistance?

While you might think the two are pretty much the same, roadside assistance is a basic form of breakdown cover which helps if your car breaks down, but has restrictions on where you can get help and limits on the number of callouts you can make per year.

Other breakdown cover policies, such as UK Breakdown Cover and European Breakdown Cover, give you access to roadside assistance but have less restrictions and unlimited callouts, as well as other useful features which can be helpful in a wider range of breakdown situations.

What does home start mean on breakdown cover?

Home start or home assist in a breakdown cover policy means that you can request breakdown help at your home address. Some types of cover, such as our Roadside Cover, won’t include assistance if you’re at home, so it’s worth checking the details of a policy to be sure it’s included. This can be especially useful if you rely on your car for work and travel from home often, as problems can sometimes arise overnight.

Can I get breakdown cover on a second car?

Standard breakdown cover will give you vehicle cover, meaning that only the specific vehicle named in the policy is covered. However, you can typically add a second car as an optional extra for a small fee, please call us to discuss this. 

About our trusted provider, LV=

We’re proud to be working alongside one of the UK's largest personal lines insurers, LV=. With their 180 year history, they have put their people and customers at the heart of everything they do.

LV= Britannia Rescue is there for customers 24/7, 365 days a year. Whether your car insurance is with LV= or not, you can still benefit from Britannia Rescue and their 4,000 breakdown professionals across the UK.

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