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Whether you’re travelling to the mighty mountains of Maine or California’s golden coast, it’s a good idea to buy USD before you go.

Here at Asda Travel Money, we make buying or selling USDs as easy as picking up your weekly shop.


Should I Buy Dollars Now or Wait?

Buying dollars before your trip helps you avoid hefty international transaction and ATM fees. Keep in mind that American ATMs typically charge $2.50 to $3 to withdraw money and most have a limit of $200-300, which can add up.


How Much Should You Tip in America?


Tipping is an essential part of American culture and you should expect to tip:


Bartenders: 15 to 20% per round or $1 per drink.

Hotel maids: $2 to 4 per night, leave it under the card provided.

Waiters/Waitresses: Typically tip at least 20% on the total cost of your meal, unless it’s already charged on your bill.

Taxi Drivers: Tip 10-15%, rounded to the nearest dollar.


Useful Information about Dollars


Typical Bank Opening Hours: 8.30-4.30 Monday to Friday

Other Countries that use USD: Puerto Rico, Ecuador, El Salvador, Zimbabwe, British & US Virgin Islands, and the Marshall Islands.

Countries that readily accept USD: Canada, Russia, Panama, The Bahamas, Turks & Caicos Islands, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nicaragua, and Belize.


Nickles & Dimes: Get to Know the USD


  • Cents
  • 1¢ penny
  • 5¢ nickel
  • 10¢ dime
  • 25¢ quarter


Dollar bills feature different US presidents

  • 1$
  • 2$
  • 5$
  • 10$
  • 20$
  • 50$
  • 100$

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