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Planning a trip down under? Spend your days snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef, admiring the modern architecture of the Sydney Opera House or getting lost in the Outback. Wherever you go, make sure you’ve got plenty of Australian Dollars.

Buy AUD before you go, so you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime the second you land. We offer competitive pound to AUD exchange rates, so getting Australian Dollars is as easy as picking up your weekly shop.


Should I Buy Australian Dollars Now?

Buying Australian Dollars before flying down under helps your travel money go further. If you wait until you’re there, you’ll be charged twice to use the ATM -- once from your home bank and once by the local bank. Australian banks typically charge $2AUD per transaction, which can add up quickly.

Buy AUD before you go and you won’t need to worry about these pesky transaction fees when you land.


Exchange Rate GBP to AUD

Travelling halfway across the world opens your eyes to new cultures and allows you to meet our Commonwealth pals. When you’re enjoying your hard-earned holiday, you want your AUD to go as far as possible.

Thankfully, we offer competitive exchange rates for Australian Dollars. If you find a better rate within 5 miles, we’ll match it with our Exchange Rate Guarantee.

Get to Know the Australian Dollar

The Australian Commonwealth has used the AUD since 1966. Today, it’s widely used in Australia as well as Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Island, Norfolk Island, and Pacific Islands like Kiribati, Nauru and Tuvalu.


3 Facts About the AUD

  • Also known as the Aussie Dollar, the Australian Dollar is often represented as $, A$ or $Au
  • Fifth most-traded currency in the world, behind the USD, Euro, Yen and GBP, making up 6.9% of worldwide trade.
  • AUD coins feature the only two egg-laying mammals in the world -- the platypus on the 20 cent coil and echidna on the 5 cent coin.


Three reasons to love Asda Travel Money:

  • 1. Exchange Rate Guarantee

    If you find a better exchange rate within 5 miles of one of our travel money bureau, we’ll beat it with our Price Promise.

  • 2. We Buy Back Your Travel Money

    Stop by our travel money bureau and we’ll buy back your unused travel money. Even if you didn’t buy your travel currency from us, we’ll exchange it back commission free.

    Our Buy Back Promise lets you sell back your AUD at the same rate for just £2.99

  • 3. Same Day Travel Money Service

    Left it till the last minute? Don’t worry, simply swing by one of our travel money bureaux and take advantage of our same day travel money on popular currencies, subject to availability.

Before you run off to Australia, remember to pick up your holiday money at Asda

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