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How to buy Turkish Lira


You can buy Turkish Lira with Asda Travel Money in three different ways:


In-store bureau

Just pop into one of our in-store Asda Travel Money bureaux and grab your Lira when you’re doing your weekly shop. You can even pick up your Turkish currency the day you order with our same-day travel money service – it’s ideal for those last-minute trips (subject to availability).


Convenient collection while you shop

You can buy Lira online and pick up your currency at one of our selected Asda stores with Click & Collect. It’s simple, convenient and hassle-free.


Home delivery

Order your Turkish Lira online and get your currency delivered right to your door. If you order before 2pm (Monday to Thursday) you can get next-day home delivery from just £4.99. It’s free delivery for orders over £500, too.

How much money do I need for Turkey?


The amount of Lira you need for a holiday in Turkey depends on where you’re going, the type of accommodation you’re staying in and how long you’re away for. For example, eating out in one of the major cities like Istanbul or Antalya will cost more than a meal in a small village or from a street food vendor in the market.

Many people who travel to Turkey choose to stay in all-inclusive accommodation, meaning meals and drinks in the hotel are already paid for. Even if you pick this option, you’ll still need some Turkish Lira for ice creams at the beach, shopping at the local markets and seeing the sights.


Here are a few things to consider:


  • Turkish beaches are some of the cheapest in Europe[5].
  • A stay in Istanbul may be more expensive than a cheaper beach resort, but it’s still amongst one of the most budget-friendly European destinations for a city break[6].
  • Turkish street food is delicious and more cost-effective than eating in a restaurant. Try gözleme (Turkish pancakes), borek (filled pastry rolls) and Turkish kebabs.
  • If you’re drinking, you’ll pay a premium for imported alcohol. The local Turkish beer – Efes – is just as good as the familiar imported brands.

Useful information about Turkish Lira


The Turkish Lira officially replaced the Ottoman Lira in 1844. You’ll see it abbreviated as TRY or TL. Each Turkish Lira is made up of 100 kuruş or coins and features an image of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the first president of Turkey.

The Turkish currency has experienced high levels of inflation in recent years – nearly 65% in 2023 [7]. If you travel to Turkey now compared to a few years ago, you’ll likely be dealing with much higher denominations than before.

Where can I spend my Turkish Liras?


You can spend your Turkish Liras throughout Turkey. Turkish Lira is also accepted in Northern Cyprus (the Turkish half of the island). You’ll often get a much better deal if you pay in Turkish Lira here[8].


When is the best time to buy Turkish Lira?


Buying Turkish Lira before you go to Turkey means you won’t need to worry about exchanging money after you land. You’ll also avoid the more expensive exchange rates found at tourist hotspots and airports.

Keep in mind that when you withdraw money from an ATM, you may need to pay a foreign withdrawal charge as well as local transaction fees.

Buying Turkish Lira before you fly reduces the hassle of finding an ATM, haggling with exchange offices or worrying about paying high tourist rates.


Why visit Turkey?


Turkey has something for everyone. Istanbul is one of the most exciting cities in the world, with the Bosphorus acting as the gateway between Europe and Asia. World-renowned sites include the Grand Bazaar, Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, whilst the streets around Taksim Square come alive at night.

If you’re looking for some beach time you won’t be disappointed in Turkey. Head to Bodrum for glitz and glamour or make your way along the Turquoise Coast to spots like Kalkan or Kas for crystal clear waters, nightlife and authentic Turkish flavours. The hotels in the likes of Antalya, Side and Bodrum are pretty spectacular, too. For an otherworldly experience, travel to Cappadocia to discover the volcanic landscape, fairy chimneys, caves and underground cities.

Plus, no trip to Turkey would be complete without hours spent enjoying the local cuisine and street food delicacies.

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