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So you’ve been on holiday, you’ve had a brilliant time and better yet, you haven’t spent all of your money while you’ve been away! If you’ve still got an amount of money in another country’s currency and you want to change that money back to British pounds Asda Money will buy back most foreign currency notes at the current buy back rate with 0% commission, at any one of our Travel Money Bureaux.

Asda Buy Back Promise

Don’t waste that cash, bring it back! We’ll buy back your leftover travel money after your holiday.

What is the Asda Buy Back Promise?


It’s not easy to know how much money to take with you on your holiday. Don’t take enough and you end up having to get more out whilst away or take too much and you have leftover travel money that you might not need.


Here at Asda, we want to make your holiday as easy as possible, and our Buy Back Promise means that you’ll never have unused holiday travel money on your return.


All you need to do is take out our Buy Back Promise for £2.99 when you buy your Travel Money and, after your trip, we’ll buy back your leftover currency from you at the original transaction exchange rate up to a maximum value of £250. Any value above this limit with be completed using the applicable daily rate on the board. 

Why take Buy Back Promise?


If you are travelling outside the UK and plan to return within 45 days, we can buy back your foreign currency notes at any one of our UK ASDA Travel Money retail stores at the original transaction exchange rate up to a maximum value of £250, for just a fee of £2.99. Any value above this limit will be completed using the applicable rate on the rate board. 

The original transaction rate will be clearly displayed on your receipt. 


Buy Back Promise Terms and Conditions


  1. These Buy Back Promise Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) apply to all purchases of Buy Back Promise made in-store and online via (“Website”). Separate terms and conditions apply in respect of all other products and services available in-store and online. 
  2. Buy Back Promise can be purchased in-store for a fee of £2.99 at any of our UK retail stores when purchasing foreign currency banknotes (“Travel Money”) with a minimum transaction value of £35. For purchases online, it can be added to your basket at the time of purchasing your Travel Money and the fee of £2.99 will be applied and shown in your order summary. Please note that Buy Back Promise must be purchased at the same time you buy your Travel Money. 
  3. If you are buying more than one foreign currency, a fee of £2.99 will be applied to each currency order - that is, to Travel Money with the exclusion of ASDA Travel Money Cards, which cannot be used in conjunction with the Buy Back Promise. Should you decide not to purchase the Buy Back Promise for your entire order, please divide your purchase into two separate transactions – one for which you require Buy Back Promise and one for which you do not.  
  4. Buy Back Promise is available only to ASDA customers purchasing Travel Money in the UK. Travel Money purchased online is also subject to our ASDA Travel Money Online Services Terms and Conditions available at 
  5. All Buy Back Promise transactions must be redeemed within 45 days from the date of purchase and are conditional on the presentation of the original purchase receipt or confirmation email (in the case of online purchases) and valid photo ID. Buy Back Promise is only redeemable on the currency in which it was purchased. 
  6. For purchases made online, please note that the 45-day period starts from the date of purchase and not the date on which collection or delivery of the foreign currency is made. If the duration of your travel is uncertain or is likely to be close to 45 days, it is advised that you purchase your Travel Money and Buy Back Promise as close to the date of your departure as possible, taking into account delivery timeframes if you opt for home delivery. 
  7. Buy Back Promise transactions can only be redeemed in respect of Travel Money (not coins) up to a maximum value of £250 and is only redeemable on the currency in which it was purchased.
  8. All redemptions must be made in-store at any of our UK retail stores. We are unable to process redemptions via our online service. 
  9. Buy Back Promise is non-transferable and only one Buy Back Promise transaction can be redeemed in respect of each valid transaction. 
  10. Due to the nature of the Buy Back Promise, once an order has been placed online and confirmed via email, or placed in store, we are unable to cancel, amend or refund the transaction. 
  11. We may withdraw or change these Terms at any time, with immediate effect, without liability to you. If we revise these Terms, we will post the revised version on our Website. You are expected to check the Terms from time to time to take notice of any changes we make, as they are binding on you. By placing a Buy Back Promise order after these Terms have been changed, you will be accepting the revised Terms. 
  12. We reserve the right to cancel your Buy Back Promise purchase or refuse redemption of your Buy Back Promise, at our sole discretion, at any time and with immediate effect, without liability to you, for any reason, including but not limited to: (i) if we reasonably suspect that your Travel Money order and/or Buy Back Promise purchase has been placed for any reason other than purchasing holiday spending money, or for speculative gain, investment, or business purposes; (ii) if there have been significant fluctuations in the market exchange rate following the your Buy Back Promise purchase; (iii) to ensure regulatory requirements are met; and/or (iv) if your purchase fails our internal security checks. 
  13. If we do cancel your Buy Back Promise in accordance with clause 12 above, we will show best endeavours to notify you of this as soon as reasonably practicable and provide you with a refund of the Buy Back Promise fee, the means of which will be communicated to you. 
  14. We will not be liable for any costs incurred for use of Buy Back Promise. 
  15. Buy Back Promise is provided by Travelex Agency Services Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with company number 04621879, with its registered office is Worldwide House, Thorpe Wood, Peterborough, England, PE3 6SB. 

These Buy Back Promise Terms and Conditions were last updated on [02/10/23]   

How to purchase Asda Travel Money

  • Visit us in-store

    Stop by one of our in-store travel money bureaux and pick up your travel money at the last minute, subject to availability. Even better, if you find a better rate within 5 miles, we’ll beat it with our Price Promise.

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  • Buy online

    Order your travel money without leaving the house with our online service. Simply use your credit or debit card to order your currency on our online portal and then choose from Click & Collect service or home delivery from £4.99 or FREE on orders over £500.

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  • Free Click & Collect

    Choose Click & Collect to pick up your travel money at a convenient location near you. With Click & Collect locations in selected Asda stores, buying travel money has never been simpler.

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Why choose Asda Travel Money?

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Three reasons to love Asda Travel Money:

  • 1. Exchange Rate Guarantee

    If you find a better exchange rate within 5 miles of one of our travel money bureau, we’ll beat it with our Price Promise.

  • 2. We Buy Back Your Travel Money

    Stop by our travel money bureau and we’ll buy back your unused travel money. Even if you didn’t buy your travel currency from us, we’ll exchange it back commission free.

  • 3. Same Day Travel Money Service

    Left it till the last minute? Don’t worry, simply swing by one of our travel money bureaux and take advantage of our same day travel money on popular currencies, subject to availability.

Top Travel Money Buy Back FAQs:

What is currency buy back?

When you plan a trip or a holiday to a different country that uses a different currency, often you’ll exchange an amount of British pounds for an amount of money in that currency – this is sometimes referred to ‘buying’ money in a different currency, you ‘buy’ the foreign currency using your pounds.

Once you return from your trip, you may still have some money in the foreign currency that you haven’t spent yet. You won’t be able to spend that money in the UK, so you’ll have to exchange it back to pounds – we refer to this as currency ‘buy back’.

Is buy back currency worth it?

Whether buy back currency is worth it or not depends on your personal circumstances. If you’re planning on heading back to the country where the currency is used at some point in the future, or if you don’t have a lot of the currency left, then it might be better to keep the money and not exchange it for pounds.

If however you still have a fair amount of money left in the currency and if the exchange rate is in your favour at the time you’re looking to buy back, then it’s certainly worth your time to research your options. 


Does Asda buy back currency?

Yes, we do offer a buy back currency service with 0% commission at our Asda Travel Money bureaux in-store, no matter who you bought the money from in the first place. It’s a great way to get rid of those unused Euros or spare dollars without wasting them.

Before you venture into the great unknown, learn more about our most popular currencies. Find out how much to tip in America, fun facts about Australian Dollars or whether they accept Euros in Croatia.

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