Bahraini Dinar

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Planning a trip to Bahrain? This unique island country in the Persian Gulf is always a magnificent experience. Made up of 50 natural islands and 33 artificial islands, this archipelago holds many treasures with the main action centred on Bahrain Island.

Visit the Bahrain World Trade Centre and its luxury shopping outlets. Take a historical trip to Ahmed Al Fateh Grand Mosque. Enjoy some world-class fine dining. Or take the family to Lagoon Park. Wherever you go, make sure you’ve got plenty of Bahraini Dinar in your wallet or purse.

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Should I buy Bahraini Dinar Now or Wait?


Planning a trip abroad can be stressful, but picking up your Bahraini Dinar doesn’t have to be.

Buying Dinar in the UK before you go means you’ll have cash in your pocket when you land to pay for things like taxis at the airport without needing to find an ATM. Plus, you won’t get charged any international fees.

Most ATMs are free to use in Bahrain[1], but your bank may well charge you a foreign transaction fee for using the ATM abroad. You’ll also need to accept the ATM’s exchange rate, so you have less control over how much money you’ll get.

It makes sense to buy your Bahraini Dinar as early as possible once you’ve booked your trip, so you have the best chance of securing a competitive pound to Bahraini Dinar exchange rate before you travel. And while you’re at it, consider organising your travel insurance - we do that too!


What countries use the Bahraini Dinar?


The Bahraini Dinar is the official currency of Bahrain. It is only used in Bahrain and isn’t legal tender anywhere else in the world[2].

Dinar Coins and Banknotes


The Bahraini Dinar has been the official currency of Bahrain since 1965 when it replaced the Gulf Rupee[3]. When on holiday in Bahrain, you’ll handle currency in both coins and notes.



1,000 Fils make up 1 Dinar. Fils are only available as coins in the following denominations:

  • 1
  • 5
  • 10
  • 25
  • 50
  • 100



You’ll see the following notes in Bahrain:

  • 0.5 Dinar
  • 1 Dinar
  • 5 Dinar
  • 10 Dinar
  • 20 Dinar

How much do things cost in Bahrain?


When on holiday in Bahrain, you can expect to spend:

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Frequently asked questions

Why does Bahrain have such a strong currency?

The Bahraini Dinar is the second strongest currency in the world. Bahrain earns much of its wealth from oil and gas exports[11].


Is the Bahraini Dinar stronger than the British pound?

Right now, the Bahraini Dinar is slightly stronger than the British pound[12]. The strength of currencies impacts the potential exchange rates on offer. But you can also do things to ensure you get the most competitive exchange rate when you change your money. At Asda Money, you’ll benefit from our Price Promise where we guarantee to beat the exchange rate of competitors within 5 miles of one of our travel money bureaux.


Can I use Saudi Riyal in Bahrain?

Yes, most places will accept Saudi Riyal in Bahrain, although they are not interchangeable and the exchange rate between the two currencies can vary[13]. In most cases only notes will be accepted and not coins.


Before you run off to Bahraini, remember to pick up your holiday money at Asda

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